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6 ways to save money on flowers

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Flowers are the best gift for showing appreciation to someone. You can give flowers to express romantic feelings, get well, making an apology, congratulations, and birthday. However, flowers can be expensive so you need to know how to save money on them. The following are 6 ways to save money on flowers.

1. Make flower purchase near special occasion

You can buy the flowers near the special occasion to save some money. The florist store will offer discounts when nearing a special occasion like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. During a special occasion, you can find a lot of different coupon codes that you can use to reduce the cost of the purchase of the flowers. They may even offer gifts to accompany the flowers purchase, for example, a free vase or free card.

2. Avoid choosing add-ons

You should avoid buying add-on if buying the flowers is already expensive. Add-ons like teddy bears, chocolates, and balloons can quickly add up the cost. You also need to think that you have to pay the shipping fee. The shipping is usually not free unless you can find a coupon that gives you free shipping. You can give something you already have in your house if you want to include something else special with the flower gift. For example, there is no need to purchase the add-on vase. Instead, you will be able to save some money by simply including a vase from your house along with the flower gift.

3. Deliver the flowers yourself

If the recipient is busy, you might as well deliver the flower to your address and save money on the delivery fee. It is more sincere to deliver the flower yourself. The recipient is happier to receive the flower if you deliver the flower yourself. If you opt to let the florist ship the flower, you will have to pay for extra service fee plus the shipping fee.

4. Create your bouquet

You can create your bouquet to save money. You can gather a bunch of wildflowers from the meadows you frequented and give them to your loved one. Some florists have subscriptions open, where if you subscribe, they will send you free flowers now and then. You can also buy flowers from the local supermarket as they are cheaper than the ones sold in the florist shop. Supermarket flowers always look old and wither away fast. However, if you know how to select the flowers, it can make a nice bouquet. When choosing supermarket flowers, you should squeeze the flower base.

5. Opt for seasonal flowers

Choosing seasonal flowers can help you to save some money. Seasonal flowers can be found everywhere during the season so they are cheap. Because the flowers are in abundance, they can sell a big bunch for a cheap price. Non-seasonal flowers need to be imported. Not all florists will import flowers from other countries. Therefore, you should consider using seasonal flowers during the wedding.

6. Deal directly with the florist

You can talk directly to the florist yourself and create your custom bouquet. You may find yourself creating a bouquet with flowers that you like instead of choosing the standard bouquet which is prearranged by the florist. However, you need to remember that there is a minimum order value you need to meet.

Incorporating more greenery into the bouquet will help you to save money. The bouquet can have simple greenery with tropical greens and minimal flowers. The greeneries vary by season, for example, in the summer, florists usually use marjoram, raspberry foliage, and spirea. In the autumn, the florist will use green amaranth and pelargonium.

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