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6 unpretentious houseplants for the home jungle

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When you spend 24/7 in the apartment, you want comfort and minimalism at the same time. Quarantine forced to reconsider the attitude to the house. Houseplants are a good option to freshen up your home. In case all the plants and flowers you have dealt with before have not survived after several months – we’ve prepared several options that do not require special care.

People are often looking for beautiful but unpretentious plants. The choice of such plants is quite wide; among them, there are flowering plants and leafed ones, and everyone can choose a flowerpot to their liking. Unpretentious plants are indulgent to our mistakes and forgetfulness and require almost no special care.

1. Begonia

Such a plant as begonia belongs to the most famous and numerous genus of the begonia family. This genus unites approximately 1,000 species of various plants. Home-grown begonia needs consistency. In this regard, you need to choose a specific place in the room where the flower will stand all the time. The main benefit of begonias is that they bloom and will adorn the space. It is a good idea to buy begonia plants in early spring so that it adjusts to the place while being in the rest period.

2. Zamioculcas

Zamioculcas is in demand due to the shiny vigorous leaves and endurance. It grows well in any lighting and perfectly tolerates dry air and dry soil. You can safely go on vacation for a few weeks and the plant will feel absolutely great.

3. Ficus elastica (the rubber plant)

It has large shiny leaves and can grow into quite a large tree. It is a wonderful element of the interior. Ficus feels great under the bright diffused lighting or partial shade. It likes when you wipe the leaves from the dust.

4.  Cacti and succulents

If you have the sunny side of the apartment and you sometimes forget to water your plants – it is the best option for you. Due to the ability to accumulate large amounts of moisture and minerals, succulents do not require frequent watering and fertilizing, perfectly tolerate dry air. The extraordinary variety of species and forms will allow you to choose a plant for your taste. Under good conditions, they delight their owners with beautiful flowers. Also, succulents and cacti are often tiny, have a small root system, and grow slowly. Therefore, they are well suited for those who want something small.

5. Tradescantia

This plant does not require special conditions, tolerates hot summers and cool winters. It will grow anywhere in the apartment. The best tradescantia will feel in a bright light without direct sunlight. The variety of colours of tradescantia leaves is so great that any wall can be turned into a work of art. Tradescantia will look good in hanging pots, for example, on balconies.

6. Sansevieria

This plant has earned a reputation for being indestructible: it grows well in the sun and shade, tolerates dry air, drafts, too much watering, can never see any sunlight, and be satisfied only with lamps. In good conditions, it will please its owners with fragrant white flowers.

Story by Alexandra Griffin

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