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6 trending products you can sell in 2021 and make bank

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The industry of online shopping and e-commerce has boomed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the closures of many stores and the impossibilities of in-person shopping from month to month, people have resorted to doing their shopping and retail therapy online.

As an entrepreneur or someone who just wants to find another stream of income, this offers you an awesome advantage. Starting e-commerce is pretty simple if you’re selling the right products and marketing them correctly.

From side hustle to a full-time job, you can make bank selling these products. You can make even more sales when you conduct perceptual mapping to break down your customer demographics and market to them accordingly.

Now, here are the six highest trending products in 2021 that you should be selling in your e-commerce store.

1. Facemasks

Hopefully, 2021 is the last year that facemasks are trending. So, jump on the wave while it lasts and helps people protect themselves and others during this global pandemic.

Facemasks are starting to become a fashion statement; some people buy masks for every outfit and occasion. Research which colors are popular this fall and materials that are effective yet stylish to get ahead of the facemask industry.

2. At-home fitness equipment

With gyms being closed for months, people are scrambling to get their hands on some fitness equipment they can use during their home workouts. Help them stay active and fit by selling at-home fitness equipment such as dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands, and more.

3. Loungewear

The fashion trend of 2021 is comfortable clothing that looks good on camera during Zoom meetings. Since most of us are still working from home (and may stay that way for years to come), we’ve lost the motivation to get dressed up every day.

So, selling fashionable loungewear like sweaters, sweatpants, leggings, and clothing made of soft material is a great e-commerce business.

4. Reusable water bottles

Staying on the topic of being comfortable and healthy while working from home in 2021, reusable water bottles are also a trending product that can make you and your e-commerce bank.

While we are trying to take care of ourselves and stay hydrated, we’re also watching our carbon footprint and plastic consumption. Using a metal or glass reusable water bottle is a healthier alternative and a great way to help the environment.

5. iPhone tripods and ring lights

With the rise of TikTok and social media content creation, tripods and ring lights are other products that are certainly trending in 2021. Long gone are the days of propping your phone up on a stack of books and hoping the lighting is decent.

In the world of social media and content creation, influencers and wannabe influencers are getting more and more professional with their filming and photography skills.

6. Bluetooth headphones

Now that most of us are working from home, people are investing in Bluetooth headphones to either drown out the noise of their housemates and family or to hear their colleagues during a virtual meeting better.

Without wires to get tangled up in or trying to figure out how to use them with a phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack, Bluetooth headphones are definitely trending and a product worth selling on your e-commerce.

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