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6 tips for making the perfect iced coffee

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There is nothing better than a refreshing iced coffee on a hot summer’s day. But what if you can’t get to a coffee shop? Can you make an iced coffee at home, and will it be just as good as your restaurant or café favorite? All too often, people make the mistake of simply pouring hot coffee into a cup of ice, resulting in a watery mush. But the great news is you can savor the perfect iced coffee from the comfort of your couch, and you can make it taste as if it were made professionally.

Want to know how to make the iced coffee of your dreams? Follow these tips for perfecting the art of cold coffee.

  1. Get the Best Beans

Satisfying iced coffee starts with the beans. This is true for all kinds of coffee, hot or otherwise. When you get the best beans, you get the best results. So, don’t skimp on the quality and your iced coffee will taste much better. We like chino coffee beans. Look for coffee beans that will work well in an iced drink, with notes of chocolate, caramel, or buttery toffee.

  1. Grind Your Ice

Get a better texture and flavor to your coffee by grinding ice before adding it to your cup. Then, add the cold coffee and milk, plus your sweetener of choice, and you have the basics of a refreshing drink.

  1. Use Coffee Flavors and Creamers

Look for the specialist products that can make iced coffee taste more interesting, including iced coffee syrups, granitas, and creamers. Adding these barista favorites provides the punch your coffee needs to be enjoyed cold. You’ll find these syrups and additions on the internet or you can find recipes to make your own. There are also powders that add flavor without the mass of a syrup. Experiment with flavors and aromas to create your own bespoke beverage for a hot day.

  1. Make it Concentrated

The easiest way to have coffee available when you need a cool drink is to brew a larger than normal batch which you will cool and keep in the fridge, ready to pour over ice cubes. Making this coffee stronger, at a higher concentration, means that the ice won’t make the coffee taste watery since it is already super-strength, to begin with.

  1. Experiment with New Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is not the same as iced coffee. But you can use cold brew as the base for your iced beverage. Make cold brew coffee at home in your machine or your French press. It’s easy and provides a subtly different flavor for your drink.

  1. Use a Quick Iced Coffee Trick

The simplest way to get a more intense coffee hit from your iced drink is to freeze regular coffee into ice cube trays and then use the coffee ice cubes in your iced drink when you make it. You can also add chocolate or cinnamon to the coffee before you freeze it to vary the flavor.

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