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6 tips for diversifying your investments in 2020

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We have all heard the cliche ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’, and while it may be overused, it is still the best advice for an investment strategy. Investments are risky by nature; you take a gamble with every dollar you spend. By making educated decisions and spreading your money into different types of investments, you can minimize the risk.

The world is changing, fast. While there are still many tried and true investment opportunities to choose from, you may want to consider some new options on the table. Technology is ever-changing; what was once a safe bet is out and being replaced by something else. Here are a few investment tips for diversifying your portfolio in 2020.

Still Safe: Real Estate

Real estate is almost always a safe bet. However, the real money is in rentals. Rent is up worldwide, and interest rates are down for mortgages. Think globally; for example, check out condos for sale in Toronto or perhaps property to build a manufactured home community in California. Real estate has long been a safe investment, and it looks like it isn’t going anywhere.

New Idea: A.I.

Technology may confuse many people, especially the ‘thinking’ algorithms named A.I. However, this technology is only expected to grow substantially. We have already seen artificial intelligence successfully replace jobs in many sectors. Predictions show that as this technology perfects itself, the demand for A.I. will only increase.

Still Safe: Fossil Fuels

As the world wakes up to the need for renewable energy, many are deciding to divest from fossil fuels. But most people still rely heavily on them. As investors jump ship, it gives others an opportunity to buy in, at a better price than we have seen in years.

New Idea: Green Energy

There is no doubt that green energy is the way the world is heading. Investment in this market, while it is still budding, is an excellent opportunity for high returns. Choose wisely; however, many up and coming companies are doomed to fail because the markets aren’t quite ready to switch.

Still Safe: China

China’s markets are still booming. The country is still the largest contributor to global growth. Investment in China is still a good idea; there are many opportunities here from franchising to real estate. Just be aware of the problem of insider trading.

New Idea: Africa

Emerging markets can be an excellent opportunity for investors. And there is no bigger market than that of the entire continent of Africa. There are plenty of opportunities that could be highly profitable. From agriculture to e-commerce, the content is ripe for investment.

Final Words

Investing in anything comes with some risk. Diversifying your investments means minimizing that risk. You should still keep your safe long term, low-risk investments, but if you have some money to spare, it may be worth your while to put it into a new venture. Whether you are investing in a safe bet or a new market trend, never invest more than you are willing to lose.

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