6 reasons you absolutely need an esteemed keynote speaker for your company

Whatever may be the event you’re holding in your company, engaging a well-known personality to act as the keynote speaker can ensure the success of the occasion. Whether a conference, product launch, meeting, team-building gathering, or an incentive seminar, use this excuse to have a leading expert in your industry give a talk to the workforce of your company. A knowledgeable, charismatic orator will be able to keep your employees mesmerized by talking about his own experiences, relating anecdotes, and revealing how the latest innovations in the industry are likely to change the face of the industry in the future.

The most important goal that you can achieve through a great keynote speaker is to build a connection with the people working in the company. Like the statistics compiled by McKinsey & Company reveal, the right levels of engagement among your company workers can raise productivity levels by an astonishing 20% to 25%. Better productivity translates into higher profits for the company. Remember, by investing an added 10% in bonding with your people, you can expect up to a $2,400 raise in profits per worker over one year. While this is certainly one of the most interesting reasons to invite a keynote speaker, we can give you several more. Read ahead and understand some of them.

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1. Help Your Attendees Understand the Objective of the Event

Given that the event you’ve organized in the company has a specific objective, who better to introduce it to the audience than an authoritative personality. Like keynote speaker Arman Sadeghi advises, having an esteemed person talk about the subject in question ensures that your employees will pay careful attention to the message you’re trying to get across. Before the actual event, you may want to spend time with your guest and talk about the main issues he will be addressing and the in-depth, useful information he will be relaying to your workers. No matter how large is the company and attendance list for the occasion, you can be sure that your guest will hold their attention with his riveting speech.

2. Ensure High Registration Numbers

The reputation of a great keynote speaker will precede him and ensure that your company workforce makes it a point to attend the event to listen to him speak. You may even find that your guest brings in his dedicated audience from outside the company giving your employees the opportunity to mingle with the other stalwarts of the industry. These personalities can include prospective partners, vendors, and customers adding to the possibility of future growth for your business. Further, the exposure provided by social media platforms has the potential to raise the prestige of your organization within the sphere where you work.


3. Motivate Your Employees

Check out this feature on the Huffington Post that talks about how the best way to have your workers reach their optimum productivity levels is to inspire and motivate them. People need to know that the efforts they’re putting in are worth it and that they’re working towards a specific objective. The ideal person to introduce or reiterate the company’s goals (to existing employees) is a credible keynote speaker. He will explain to his listeners, “Here’s what we hope to achieve and here’s how the contributions you make fit into the big picture.” Most importantly, “You’re valuable!” That’s the message each employee needs to hear. An added advantage to this strategy is that workers are reassured of the security of their jobs and that there is always room for higher wages and attractive promotions down the line.

4. Encourage the Spirit of Innovation and Enterprise

Every smart company owner is aware of the fact that employees work on the grassroots level interacting with the clientele. They have a better understanding of what the customer wants and how to deal with requests, queries, and complaints. Through your chief guest, you can help relay the message to your people that their ideas are important and the company welcomes innovation and fresh perspectives on how everyone can do their jobs better. Show them that their inputs and continued growth are vital for the success of your company. As Vani Ramu explains on LinkedIn, sometimes, people need to be pushed out of their comfort zones and past achievements to reach for the next big thing. And, that’s where the keynote speaker comes in.

5. Build a Single Working Entity in Place of Smaller Divisions

To run a successful company, you need to recognize the fact that organizations function well only when their workers perform as a single team in place of collection of different departments. You need people who support and collaborate with one another to achieve common goals. In the absence of this coordination, productivity levels drop and all you see is complete chaos with every person clueless about what the other is doing and why. An experienced speaker can bring your workers together into a single living, breathing entity that functions like a well-oiled machine with every member looking out for its interests.

6. Provide Practical Tools for a Long-Term Impact

Inviting a reputable professional to act as the keynote speaker is just the beginning. Showing your workforce how they can bring about amazing changes in the company and work towards building a formidable organization should act as a precursor to significant changes. You’ll want that the messages brought into the room remain with the audience long after the speaker has left and the conference is over. To make that happen, make sure your people receive practical tools that they can adopt into their regular operations. Like, for instance, a software that tracks productivity levels or a more efficient in-house messaging system.

Inviting a keynote speaker to address your workforce can have a whole array of advantages that you should know how to use for the advancement and growth of your company. Choose a well-known entity who knows your industry and its workings well. And, you will be amazed at the changes in the performance levels of your people.

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