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6 reasons why you should think about being a YouTuber

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YouTube has expanded so much since the day it was first released. Almost everyone today has at least one favorite YouTuber to watch, and it’s no surprise that even the younger people are dreaming of becoming one someday.

Reasons why you should consider a YouTube career

When watching our favorite content creators on YouTube, we cannot help but dream of doing the same things they do. In the past years, being a YouTuber is a famous aspiration among a lot of people. It’s easy to raise an eyebrow on this matter, but everyone has different motives.

If you are planning to start a YouTube career, you need to find your primary source of motivation, then do some gear analysis and pick the comfortable and good quality camera for vlogging, flip-screen cameras are recommended, or even a smartphone is also works for a lot of new vloggers.

Anyway, here are some of the most common inspirations are:

  • To be famous

Let’s admit it. Most of us aspire to be famous, just like our favorite influencers. It’s nice to be able to bump shoulders with our idols and other celebrities too. If you succeed in finding the niche that your audience loves, you might become a famous YouTuber in no time. We know how fast things work on the internet. As you continue to become a more relevant creator, your subscriber count follows.

  • To earn money

Another more common motivation to become a YouTuber is the salary. According to the YouTube policy, you’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours for the past year. The money you’ll earn is mainly from AdSense, but as your views and subscriber count grows, you can also attract sponsorships and other ways to make extra money.

There are many YouTubers we know today that started small, but as they become more famous, they reach the point where they can even buy big houses and expensive cars.

  • To pursue passion

YouTube serves as an outlet for some people to express and pursue their passion finally. You can be anything you want on YouTube because the audiences are also composed of diverse individuals. Finding people who appreciate your craft and support you in your passion makes a significant impact on a creator’s life.

  • It opens a lot of opportunities

As one of the mainstream websites where different people with different interests gather, YouTube provides many opportunities to the content creators. Some people get to discover and star in movies, some get signed with music producers, and some achieve the ability to start up their new companies or even promote it with a YouTube channel. If you already have millions of subscribers, you don’t have to worry about marketing your products or yourself anymore because your fans will be more than willing to avail of anything you offer.

It’s a place where the possibilities are limitless. Almost every famous YouTuber we know today once started with a few hundred views. You need to work hard if you desire to achieve your goals.

  • Express your craft

We all have our likes and interests. Nothing is more rewarding in this world than finding someone else who enjoys the things you love. Expressing your craft on YouTube can bring empowerment because it makes you believe that you can. It can also nurture what you already have and be a better version of yourself.

Being a YouTube creator also helps you find your aesthetic. Eventually, you’ll learn how to capture the attention of your audiences with your wit and style.

  • It builds up your confidence

While being in the spotlight, you cannot dodge off the critical eyes of some. You’re going to get a lot of comments that are uplifting and encouraging, but you’re also going to get critical feedback from others. At first, it might hurt you. People on the internet aren’t always the most pleasant. As you grow more in the field as a YouTube creator, you can learn how to be tougher and only focus on comments and criticisms that help you.

It can also help you be more confident in what you do and who you are as an individual.

Ways to earn money as a YouTuber

Another reason why many people seem fascinated with the idea of being a YouTuber is that it’s a great platform to earn money. Of course, it’s not always an easy path. It would help if you found your niche first. Once you’ve already built your audience, you can now pursue other ways to earn extra bucks. Here are a few examples:

  • Sponsorships

Brands and businesses contact YouTubers to promote and review their product on their videos and social media networks. They often send free products or payment deals to give their items publicity from your channel. However, you need to be certain that the product you’re going to promote fits your personality and niche on YouTube to deliver quality and valuable exposure.

  • Merch 

Big fandoms often have merchandise that contain their brand and logo. If you have a large subscriber count, you can take advantage of that by selling your merch. You’d be surprised by how much individuals are interested in your products. It can also be a great starting point to develop your own business.

  • Develop your resources

Mainly for educational channels, resources and online courses are a great way to earn extra on the side. Life is a series of constant learning, and people will always seek knowledge. It’s much easier to set up courses these days with the help of educational platforms and websites.

  • Affiliate marketing

Another common way is through affiliate marketing. YouTubers often incorporate links on their description of the products either they bought from or promoting. If a person clicks that link and buys that specific item, they can get a commission from the purchase.

You don’t always need to have a professional career to be a successful person. As long as you’re enjoying what you are doing and making you feel complete as a person, pursue it. Don’t listen to what other people have to say because they’ll always have an opinion. Don’t let those words hinder you from reaching your maximum potential.

Story by Uday Tank

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