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6 reasons why you need regular furnace maintenance

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Your furnace helps mitigate the temperature of your home, and Canadian weather makes it a necessity. Understanding how your furnace operates can ensure optimal heating and cool by keeping you comfortable no matter the season. With a system so crucial to your home, there is no good reason to ignore its well-being. Regular furnace maintenance can assist in improving the well-being of every individual in your household. If you live in the GTA and have never had a furnace check, don’t hesitate to do that. HVAC experts can assist in enhancing your furnace output whilst saving you energy and money. Smile HVAC Service and Installation outlined below 6 main reasons why you should regularly do a furnace maintenance.

1. Cost-Effective

No one likes receiving unexpected or obscenely high energy bills every month. What if I told you that the culprit of these bills could is the furnace. When there is a problem with your furnace, it may be hard to recognize if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but it could be costing you a king’s ransom. Regular furnace maintenance will ensure your heating bill doesn’t skyrocket just because it is not operating as efficiently as it can, hence the increased

energy consumption. Some experts estimate that a well-running furnace could save you 35-45% on your heating bill each month, decrease costs significantly in the long run.

2. Decreased Risk of Costly Issues in the Future

Regular maintenance will let you sleep at night without the fear of your furnace running into   irreversible problems warranting a new machine

entirely. Depending on durability and model, new furnaces could set you back anywhere between $3,000-7,000. Not ideal. Regular maintenance can ensure the problems that require buying a new furnace are caught early and can be dealt with accordingly, saving more money and hassle down the road. Nothing sounds worse than having your furnace suddenly break on you in the middle of January as regular maintenance can ensure you don’t freeze in the winter.

3. Increased Health of Household

A neglected furnace could spread damaging levels of carbon monoxide as well as circulate filthy air through your home. The scariest part of carbon monoxide is that it’s odourless, and even with a detector in your home, there is no guarantee that it will alert you before the damage occurs. Carbon monoxide is the deadliest chemical that a damaged furnace can produce, but other unsafe air particles facilitated by a faulty furnace can harm your respiratory system if continuously inhaled. Scheduling regular furnace maintenance will protect the well-being of yourself as well as friends and family.

4. Allergies

Regular furnace maintenance will protect your family from serious health concerns, but it can also combat dust and pollen by ensuring clean air is filtered through your home. A worn furnace will transmit polluted air throughout your home, creating dusty air ducts that are more trivial to clean and increased dust in the air, instigating your allergies daily. Regular furnace check-ups will ensure that your furnace is not covered in dust and ensure it is only advancing clean, fresh air in your home, not dust or pollen.

5. Decreased Risk of Mould and Mildew

A humid house is the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew, which can contribute to allergies and an unhealthy air climate. An inconsistent distribution of air within your home can leave some spots more moist and humid in the hotter months that can eventually produce mould, which can trigger allergic reactions. Depending on the nature of your exposure, mould could trigger numerous allergies such as throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, coughing and wheezing, skin irritation, and sometimes eye infections. All of these potential side effects can be countered by a well-running furnace, making it all the more enticing to get your furnace inspected regularly. Avoiding mould and mildew altogether is a good idea as it can also be the main contributor to structural decay in your home, proving to be way more costly than getting regular furnace inspections.

6. Increased Household Comfort

In the end, your furnace is to keep you comfortable and protect you from the turbulent Canadian weather. Regular furnace maintenance can do wonders for temperature mitigation and comfort levels within your home as a whole. No more relaxing in the living room then moving to the bedroom and having it be scorchingly hot somehow. Getting your furnace

looked at by the pros can ensure adequate airflow throughout your house to avoid these uncomfortable moments. The constant need to fiddle with the temperature in your home does no good, and can even work against you by increasing your energy consumption, instead of landing on a climate that holds sturdy through every inch of the home.


Many households don’t bother themselves with checking up on the well-being of their furnace. This approach can prove to be costly for not just your wallet, but your health and comfort levels as well. Technicians can diagnose problems or potential problems that can keep you and your family safe. Regular furnace maintenance will also keep you informed on the state of the furnace itself and if one needs to be purchased in the future, making sure you’re not hit with any unexpected bills to pay. As I stated earlier, your furnace is meant to serve you, as like a fan bearer in Ancient Egypt, but negligence could be costly, so hire the experts that’ll save you the difficulties of maintaining your furnace yourself.

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