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6 reasons why using appointment reminders are the best way to keep customers coming back

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Do you run a business and constantly find that people are missing their appointments? Maybe you run a hair salon and you find that you are losing out on precious hourly wages and employee time because of 1-2 missed appointments per day. Not only will this make employees frustrated that they are wasting their time, but you will be wasting money on unused employee resources, wasting time that could have been filed with someone else, and causing frustration in the workplace. The last thing you want is your employees to be unhappy and cause a negative atmosphere – avoid any discord by using appointment reminders. Let’s see a few reasons why using appointment reminders are the best way to keep on track easily.

6 benefits of using appointment reminders

Instead of worrying about where someone will be able to make their doctors’ appointment, their hair appointment, or their personal training session, you can just set up appointment reminders with your business to make sure there are never any missed times. Let’s see a few reasons why you should use appointment reminders for your company.

Remind the customer

One of the main reasons that you should use appointment reminders is to remind the customer of their upcoming time. Although this can seem obvious, it is the most important feature of appointment reminders for businesses! After all, sometimes people forget important appointments because their life is hectic – we get it. But by sending appointment reminders, you can make sure they get a notification that is closer to the day of their scheduled date.

Avoid calling

The next reason to use appointment reminders is so you can avoid calling the customer and leaving a voicemail. Not only do they annoy clients, but people rarely check their voicemails!

Avoid using text messages

Sometimes, people avoid using text messages during their day because they are busy with other important things on their plate. Instead, send appointment reminders that have a more professional feel than you will find with text message reminders.

Avoid sending length emails

Emails get lost – they are sent to spam folders, junk folders, or they are just lost among the masses. Avoid sending lengthy emails that are never opened by using appointment reminders!

Make sure your employees are taken care of

The next benefit of using appointment reminders is making sure that your employee’s time is respected and valued. If your employee is constantly having clients who stand them up, they will get fed up with their job – and potentially leave. Avoid any hurt feelings and unhappiness in the workplace by using appointment reminders.

Don’t waste your precious resources

The last reason to use patient reminders is so you can avoid wasting resources. If you are keeping your gym open late at night because there is a personal training client, but they never show up, this means that you’re losing money on the running of the facility, the manpower, and the staff.


Avoid hurt feelings, wasted items, wasted money, and wasted resources by using appointment reminders! Instead of using other outreach methods that go unnoticed and unanswered – like text messages, calls, and emails – you can use appointment reminders to gently remind the client close to their scheduled date that they have an appointment with your business.

Story by Brad Bernanke