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6 reasons to consider a job in the public sector

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The public sector offers a variety of job opportunities at all levels. It’s the country’s biggest employer and delivers a range of benefits to its employees, including good salaries, job prospects, and job security. While working in the private sector may seem more appealing in some ways, the public sector also offers attractive packages for all types of professionals.

If you’re considering a job in the public sector, take a look at some of the top reasons why it could be the perfect opportunity for your career.

Job progression and training opportunities

Many public sector organizations encourage individuals to move through the ranks and pursue higher roles. There is a natural progression in departments, and the variety of work also sees people move across the business as well as up. If you’re starting at an entry level, training and improving your education is also widely supported. For example, you could study a Point Park University B.S. in Public Administration alongside your job and earn while you learn.

Enhanced job security

While no job is 100% secure, the public sector is high on the list of safe occupations. Stability is vital for everyone, and these types of jobs recognize this and often provide alternative routes if a department is restructured. In addition, public sector businesses are more likely to remain open compared to the private sector, so this offers a level of consistency in your career.

Flexible work schedules

Another reason to consider working for the public sector is the flexibility it provides. Many organizations offer a range of flexible schedules, including working from home. This is even more prevalent post-pandemic. Many public servants don’t work more than 40 hours a week and enjoy a better work/life balance as a result.

Good benefits package

Alongside earning a decent salary, the public sector also provides an excellent benefits package. You’ll receive a health care plan that offers lower costs and a good retirement package in many cases. Some workers also go on to retire early and still receive the benefit into their mature years.

Vacation days

Everyone is entitled to vacation days in their job. However, it is suggested that people working in the public sector, in particular government jobs, get an extra 1.5 years of paid holiday and vacation time compared to the private sector. Employees also receive Federal holidays as paid leave. This enhanced amount of time off enables staff to refresh their energy and makes work more enjoyable.

Jobs suitable for all levels

The public sector provides an entry route for people with varying amounts of experience and qualifications. You can start at the bottom in a department and work your way through grades to higher positions. If you have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, there are also opportunities to enter post-graduate schemes and higher jobs if you have the necessary experience.

Like any job, the public sector does have a few cons too. However, by weighing up the options, you’ll see the many reasons why working in these organizations can be great for your career.