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6 important Google Calendar tips to maximize the productivity of your day in 2020

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Humans living in the 21st century try their hardest to keep everything on track but we cannot always win. And to minimize the chance of failure in our day, we can use a helping tool that is a Google Calendar. A Google Calendar can help you set your reminders and organize your daily interactions.

There are several amazing features that we can use to make our day more productive. One of which is the link between your Google Calendar and your calendly account. The connection will ease things for you by sharing your reserved days with others and vice versa so you don’t face double-booked challenges.

Here are the top 6 Google Calendar tips for you to take advantage of the advancement of Google Calendar by setting your priority-based events and random reminders to liberate yourself from missing out on important tasks.

  1. Customize your notifications

It’s not always convenient to get a pop-up two days before your flight or a 10 minutes before notification for the airport you are scheduled. So get a grip on your updates before you make them. You can go to calendar settings and make as many reminders as you want but the fun part is, you will get to pick up some of them to be delivered to you as an email (just so the event stays in touch with your memory) and the main ones as alerts. Plus, your email notifications will even let you modify the reminder in case of any change. With the customization of your alerts, you will only get important ones for the day.

  1. Share it with others

If you cannot attend a family/friend dinner because you are occupied today and they are not understanding then you can share your calendar with them. Or you can share it with your colleagues working on the same project to keep everyone on the same page to save time. You can tap your calendar in Setting, and keep scrolling to the section called “Share with Specific People.” There you can enable people to look at your timetable and offer them some benefits such as the right to change dates or even take a peek at your current schedule’s most simple portions. This way, you can save both your time and energy.

  1. Specify by color-codes 

Navigating the various tasks and different bits of your day altogether can be a real struggle for most people. It becomes messy and difficult to manage if you count on only one calendar to cover everything you have going on. So, to avoid the confusion, Google Calendar would let you color-code every field of your time in a day. You can use purple for all activities relevant to your job, white for social interactions, and yellow for workshops. Color-coding provides an opportunity to have a fast overview of your schedule so you can define what your day, week or month will be like. It also makes you realize how you will spend your time, and which areas interfere so you can reschedule.

  1. Organize your meetings

Google Calendar will organize your appointments for you if you choose the “Find a Time” section next to “Event Info” when planning your case and add the guests that you would like to be included in your schedule. If they share their simple calendar details with you, you will be allowed to see when they are busy or free and choose a slot that fits the time of everyone. You can also search Google’s suggested meeting times under the guest list. Plus, Google will be a better scheduler when it is linked with your calendly account.

  1. Use Agenda mode

When all your schedule is screened on your laptop screen as a mountain of work for this week or month, you are prone to get anxious. In such a case, Google will let you create some self-satisfactory feelings through a timetable by switching to Agenda mode for the errands of just the work schedule of the current day. This feature will help you to get a better focus on the present tasks.

  1. Enable the Tasks feature

If you need help in creating an order for the specific detail of your day like a larger project that can be split into different activities, then this is a feature you can start to use. You can access your calendar’s right side and you will notice a little blue Tasks icon. Click on it to add a title, event information, date, time, and sub-tasks. You can also organize these activities by the sequence or time after you have activated Tasks. It will assist you in prioritizing your activities for the day.