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6 evolving trends in software development

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Predicting the future of software development is a difficult task even if you have a solid background and expertise in this business. However, it is always interesting to make predictions and then compare what has come true and what refuted our expectations. If you are running an online project, you have to be on top of all evolving software development trends to deliver an outstanding and well-performing product. The web industry is not stable — many new technologies are replacing those that are no longer relevant. In this post, we are going to consider the most promising trends in web development.

#1 — Platform Adaptability

Page design providing a convenient and correct site presentation is among web technologies of 2020. A responsive website automatically adjusts to the size of the browser window and looks well on a wide range of devices. Apart from ensuring user comfort, website adaptability solves several tasks in one go:

  • makes the online resource easy to promote;
  • increases profits for site owners;
  • contributes to target audience growth.

The main advantageous point of site responsiveness in 2020 is that the mobile audience is actively growing every year. This increases the traffic of the adapted resource, the boost of its conversion rates, and the rise in the company’s profit. It is no wonder that IT companies like Beetroot ( put site adaptability as one of the most important things in their software development practices.

#2 — Cloud Data Storage

2019 has been a great year for cloud services. Even security companies, government agencies, healthcare, banks, insurance organizations are moving towards cloud storage and computing. This trend will definitely continue to evolve in 2020. The cloud services market is expected to grow by another 17% in 2020, thus, reaching $266.4 billion in the next 4 months. It is for this reason (to support the trend), the major cloud providers (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google) have free offers for hands-on cloud experience. For example, Google provides a $300 coupon and one year of service. So if you have never used cloud services before, it is time to give it a try.

#3 — React Web Framework

React has had the biggest impact on web development in the past decade. This JavaScript web framework has brought some fresh and innovative ideas like Event Sourcing, Virtual Dom, one-way data binding, component-based development, and more.

All these had a major impact on the community, forcing Google to abandon AngularJS and completely rewrite Angular2 +. It is no wonder that React is the dominant JavaScript web framework today. The situation is not going to change in 2020 — more and more web projects are going to switch to this framework.

#4 — Native Applications

In the mobile app segment, the buzz around hybrid and cross-platform development is slowly dying out. While such approaches provide faster application development, native development ensures better user experience and performance. For large companies, this type of development remains a top priority today. For example, the Airbnb company has recently posted a detailed post on why they had ditched its React Native mashup platform.

#5 — Artificial Neural Networks

Artificial neural networks are a part of web development trends in 2020. It is a program that actively implements the neural structures of the human brain and replicates the ANNs mimic of brain cells’ behavior. For example, it can be a part of a spam filter for your e-mail making incoming information land into a to-do list (standard in spam messages) and classifying the original information for push notifications (detecting spam). Unsupervised learning in an artificial neural network impacts the ANN through the structure of incoming information transmitted without additional assistance.

#6 — Chatbots

Artificial intelligence has allowed chatbots to gain incredible popularity since 2017. Having earned considerable success in 2019, the solution does not lose its relevance up to this day. We all know how Facebook chatbots work and what functions they perform. This extraordinary story confirms that we are gradually entering an age of new transformations, where online communications and feedback-sharing can be effectively handled online. Chatbots created based on artificial intelligence and neural networks will develop over time and will significantly contribute to the improvement of online communication.

Final Say!

IT technologies are improving every day. Being on top of all software development trends and innovations, you will not only ensure the relevance and popularity of your online project but will also make it perform better. That’s why we strongly recommend that you test out and implement the above technologies and become a step ahead of your competitors.

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