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6 effective lead generation tactics for e-commerce business

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Leads are the key to successful sales. Without them, it is no sense in business. The first and the most important task for sales is finding leads and converting them into real customers.

But how to do this? Dancing around a fire doesn’t help. You are lucky if are reading these words now. We prepare a list of the most effective lead generation tactics. Move further and find out how to increase the number of leads and sell them everything you want.

What lead generation is?

Hope, you understand meaning the process of lead generation, but let refresh your memory.

Lead generation ― is a type of lead management that involves finding potential clients with specific contact info.

In other words, leads are users interested in your product or service. These users have 5 stages:

  1. Strangers. They don’t know about the problem and don’t realize that someone can solve it.
  2. Visitors. They understand the problem and try to find the solution. At this stage, people can be on your website.
  3. Leads. In the third stage, visitors become leads, but not clients. They don’t ready to buy your product.
  4. Customers. If you do everything correctly, leads make a deal with your company, and now they are real customers.
  5. Promoters. Selling service is not enough. Don’t let customers go right after the deal. It’s unprofessional.

It’s time to find out how to convert a simple stranger into a promoter. Here is the list of common lead generation tactics. Enjoy it.

Best lead generation tactics for B2B

To succeed in B2B e-commerce sphere you need to realize clients’ pain and put pressure on it. Let’s know how to do this.

Search engine optimization

Marketers call SEO “shareware” channel. It is cheap but effective. SEO helps your website rank high in search engines. As a result, users looking for some services or products see you earlier than competitors. It increases the possibility that your company will be a choice of your leads.

Let’s think. When you are searching for products or info on the web, do you scroll to the second or fifth page? Perhaps, no. People believe that the first on the list is the most trusted source and the last is the worst. If you will be among the first three places it is a great chance to catch leads.

Content marketing

One of the most working tactics for lead generation is this guy. Content Marketing helps to build the strongest and trusted relationships with customers.

Using relevant content and giving it to consumers is winning b2b lead generation tactics.

To tell the truth, it is more difficult to create content in B2B than in B2C. But there is nothing impossible. You should choose what format is the most relevant to your audience. For example, if your target audience is businessmen that have a lack of time short video and podcasts would be better for them. If they prefer to read the content, a blog is the best way to satisfy their interests.

It is extremely important to create content structured. At each stage, the user has different questions. Investigate these stages and give info that answers worrying questions on lifecycle steps.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn presents great possibilities for B2B marketers. On this platform many businessmen are looking for a solution to the problem and your company can become this solution. But to make potential customers know about your company your business account should be designed and developed. Post interesting content, share your own thoughts about marketing or business news, show that you are an expert in your sphere.

In this social media, it is possible to find people of special job, title, company, etc. Follow the groups where your target audience can be and post here useful content connected with your sphere. Be sure, everyone appreciates those who share important information pro hobo.

Email marketing

For e-commerce, it is a great idea to find the best lead generation software in the face of email marketing.

Busy people prefer to solve questions by email not to waste time and resources. It means that they check their Inbox several times a day. If your email stands out from the crowd of the other messages it is a great opportunity to sell your service. But for this you should know some tricks of experienced email marketers:

  • create onboarding email sequence
  • send emails regularly
  • make each message in corporate style
  • use personalization either in the subject line or content of the newsletter
  • choose the right time of sending
  • send emails not from the company name but from the concrete person
  • add email signature with contact information
  • use open questions to motivate answers
  • be brief
  • don’t overdo with images and bright colors
  • be friendly but polite
  • analyze the results and correct the strategy according to them

Pay per click advertising (PPC)

PPC is a long-term deal. You don’t get results in a day, let users overthink the offer and make the right decision.

If you have the patience to give users time to solve, wait for the flow of calls to your sales department.

Furthermore, if your business is new PPC campaign will be extremely effective and cheap because there are no competitors in this sphere.

Marketing automation

There is no sense in the above tactics if your marketing doesn’t optimize. In the modern workflow, it is difficult not to skip important tasks. Marketers own a great amount of data that they need to process. To make your efforts successful you need to implement into strategy services or software that automate marketing and sales departments.

For example, if you decide to create email marketing campaigns it is impossible to send thousands of emails manually. For this, you need a special tool. Also, your sales department should be modernized not to lose important leads.

Use everything the Internet has to offer to make lead generation work successfully.

Closing remark

The lead generation process is the most important part of the whole marketing strategy. Follow these tactics and ROI will increase with incredible speed.

Maybe some tips are already integrated into your business. What tips are new for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Story by Olivia Jennings

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