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6 effective forex risk management tips

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Success in the forex trading business depends on the kind of approach you take. Many traders have tried to beat the market by taking the quick approach, but this often fails. The forex market is volatile and a lot of care is needed to succeed. 

Profitability depends on skill, patience and the risk management strategies that a trader has brought on board. There are many strategies you can use to manage the risks in the market. Let us look at the 6 most effective tips do manage your trading expeditions.

Check your risk per trade

It is important to consider the risk per trade before anything else. Many beginners are especially susceptible to trading without keeping track of every trade. Analyzing the risk per trade is important in keeping the risks as low as possible. Experts advise traders to keep their trades at less than 2% of their total account to minimize risk. Doing this would make it both easy to track the risks and also to focus on putting more trades on the market.

Have a constant risk level

Another great way to keep the risks lower while trading is to have the level of risk constant in all trades. This is because the market tends to change very quickly and one bad trade can ruin everything. Beginners often make the mistake of risking more than they can afford, especially when they see some trades going well. A few good trades should not encourage you to take bigger risks. The forex market is unpredictable and winning is never guaranteed. When you have your risk level kept at a constant, you are always sure that you will not lose more than you have never gained.

Manage your leverage

Leverage in the forex market allows traders to open bigger trades than they could have with their own money. Leverage can, however, pose great risks when used without a plan. The forex market is highly liquid and the high levels of leverage reflect this. It is important for you to understand the leverage and what good management techniques exist. Margin trading is commonly used by traders who want to optimize their trading without having high risks associated with leverage. Forex hedging techniques also rely a lot on margin trading. In markets where hedging is allowed, a trader can open a counter-trade when they suspect a bad trade is going to spoil their positions.

Risk money you can afford to lose

Many traders often get it wrong when it comes to investing in the forex market. They do not take into consideration the huge risks that are prevalent in the market. They end up risking too much money and losing it all in the process. You should not invest more money than you can afford to lose. The forex market is akin to gambling and the only way to be sure of not losing everything is by risking what you can afford to lose.

Consider correlated currencies

Forex trading is all about exchanging currency according to the pairs in the market. The market is thus always acting on the basis of twos. Understanding how the correlated currencies work with and against each other is important for risk management. When you understand the correlation between different currencies, you can trade with much more certainty.

Some currency pairs tend to cancel out each other and when you open many trades with such pairs, losing money is inevitable. You should also take note of commodity currencies – which are currencies that are tied to commodity prices.

Establish your risk tolerance levels

Finally, it is important to know what your risk tolerance level is. Depending on the kind of strategy you are taking and the experience you have in the market, you will have a different risk tolerance level. Traders who are willing to lose a lot of money in the trading process can end up learning a lot and gaining profits in the long-run. Those who are experienced are also much more likely to tolerate the risk. The alternate is also true where beginner traders are unlikely to manage their risks properly.

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