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6 best foods for your dog

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Dogs are considered to beg when sitting at the table, or snacking in the kitchen. For this situation though, beggars will be choosers. That is how you will never give your dog multiple foods. Luckily, with every food scrap you shouldn’t let Sparky pick up from under the couch; there’s another food scrap with your dog’s diet that’s Good, maybe even perfect. Of course we do not suggest feeding the dog straight from the bed. (If you don’t want him there, like a clockwork, begging every time you ‘re sitting down for a meal or a snack.) But if you want to share some food with your pet, it’s important to know which food is best for your dog.

A majority of the food that people consume is healthy for pets. And there are also balanced nutritional foods for your horse.

Health is the wellbeing base. This is the oxygen of the body, which offers the building blocks for safety, tissue regeneration which energy conservation.

That is why most holistic health practitioners focus a lot on nutritional supplements and diet. No matter what my patients come to me, one of the first things we talk about is diet and digestive health, no matter the concern.

Best food for your dog

Being the most significant drug we take every day, we need to be talking about health. Feeding new, wholesome, low-processed foods is of utmost importance in ensuring your dog’s safety.

Make careful to slowly and proportionally incorporate certain items, and consult with the doctor whether the dog has any safety or nutritional problems. Below is the best food for dogs that you will not regret!


Kale is a supercharged, leafy vegetable with an abundance of vitamins including A, E, and C. This is a healthy source of vitamins, which can detoxify the body via the liver. It also has propensities against inflammation—Evite certain forms of urinary stones or kidney failure in dogs.

Garnished chicken

It can be put in the dish and daily food from your dog to attach a seasoning and additional nutrition to your diet. It even provides a perfect substitute for meals when you are in a hurry and short of dog food.


A perfect reward for a dog as long as she’s not intolerant of lactose, which is a low amount. Be sure the dog is tracking the response. Choose moderate or medium fat types and don’t overfeed, because certain cheeses can be high in fat. Usually Cottage cheese is a decent choice.


The omega-3 fatty acids explode with oily fish such as herring, tuna, sardines, mackerel and anchovies. Omega-3s do miracles for the fur, hair, and brain, and reduce inflammatory processes that affect arthritic pain and other chronic canine conditions. (If your dog has any of these conditions, ask your vet if the capsule-shaped fish oil could help too.) Fish is an excellent source of protein, with many essential vitamins and minerals.

Yogurt and Blueberries

Active cultures called probiotics (necessary, friendly bacteria) help to keep away the bad bacteria. Yogurt, which may boost digestive health, includes many nutrients including fat, calcium, phosphate, vitamin B12, potassium , zinc, and iodine. It is also a fair source of other B vitamins such as riboflavin and pantothenic acid (required for action on enzymes and energy production, as well as other cellular functions).

Blueberries, loaded with phytochemicals, are a great treat for your dog, which is available year-round either fresh or frozen. The dark blue colour is extracted from the potent antioxidants anthocyanidins and the berries often provide vitamins C and E, manganese and fiber. This is especially necessary to incorporate limited quantities gradually; gorging on this delicious fruit will adversely influence canine and human bowel movements.

Bone broth

The bone broth provides your dog with such tremendous benefits. It is a soothing food.

How precisely is meat broth? It is bones, with apple cider vinegar cooked low for many days. This breaks down all the nutrients gradually, rendering them incredibly bioavailable to the body.

Illness (autoimmune, allergy, asthma, persistent inflammation) begins in the stomach! Gelatin soothes and strengthens the mucosal lining to help reinforce the intestinal membrane, which can get weakened and allow contaminants to reach the blood. Gelatin helps in breaking down dietary proteins and fats, rendering them simpler to absorb.

Fresh food to the dogs

In contrast, fresh or prepared dog food contains a healthy balance of lightly cooked ingredients such as kale, sweet potatoes, turkey, lamb, and organ meat. Equilibrated diets, stop premature weight gain and insure that every taste of your pup food is filled with healthy nutrition — no fillers required.

Indeed, a healthy diet can improve cognitive function in dogs. In one research in The Field of Veterinary Medicine, elderly, cognitively disabled dogs given an antioxidant-enriched diet had higher rates of neurotrophic factors originating from the hippocampus, which may speed down the cognitive deterioration.

Within a couple of days after moving the dog on a new, clean, healthy diet, “shedding, itching, scratching, sore fur, a rough coat and other skin issues should begin on repair themselves.

Story by Jacob Maslow

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