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5 ways to wear everyday joggers for spring

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Joggers are one of the most popular athleisure items available and for a good reason. These pants are comfortable, flexible, and versatile while still looking good for the office. So whether you’re prepping for a business presentation or getting ready to hit the tennis courts, there’s nowhere a pair of joggers won’t fit in.

If you have a pair of joggers, chances are you want to wear them all the time. There are plenty of ways to wear everyday joggers this spring.

Here are five creative ways to wear everyday joggers mens this spring.

1. Joggers & a button up

Joggers are a versatile tool to have in your closet. If you’re looking for the perfect way to dress your joggers up, add a button-up. A short sleeve button-up is perfect for spring, but on a cooler day, you can get away with a long sleeve button up.

We suggest rolling your sleeves twice to achieve a three-quarter style. A few other tips for this look include leaving your shirt untucked and keeping the look to a business casual minimum. If you try to make joggers too fancy, your result may not be what you’re going for.

Keep your shirt untucked, and keep the rest of your look casual. Pair this look with a pair of loafers or minimalist sneakers.

2. Joggers & a polo tee

A polo tee is another way to spice up your joggers and add a level of class to this casual piece of leisurewear. However, we recommend leaving your polo untucked and pairing this outfit with a pair of sneakers to achieve the best look.

Opt for a monochromatic or minimalist tone and wear a neutral colored polo, like tan, white, black, or gray.

3. Add a denim jacket

Getting ready to run errands or spend a day in town? Consider adding a denim jacket to a pair of joggers and a simple tee. A denim jacket provides texture and a great layer to your joggers without overpowering them like a blazer or suit jacket might. Choose a light wash for a more casual look and a dark wash for a sophisticated look.

4. Opt for a bomber jacket or cardigan

A bomber jacket pairs well with joggers and casual outfits. Pair your bomber jacket with a plain tee and casual sneakers. Next, add a cardigan to stay warm and dress up your joggers on cooler days. Finally, consider loafers or boat shoes.

5. Add a hoodieneutral-colored or oversized tee for the perfect jogger streetwear

Joggers are mostly associated with streetwear and for a good reason. These pants are versatile and look good in the gym or on the street. Embrace this look and pair your joggers with an oversized tee or a hoodie. You can even pair your hoodie with a denim jacket over the top for a warm layered outfit. Finish it off with a pair of your favorite chunky sneakers, and you’ve got an excellent casual outfit on your hands.

Jogger combinations to avoid

While there are many ways to style your joggers and tons of accessories to pair them with, there are also a few jogger combinations to avoid.

Most joggers don’t go with boots or dress shoes. You can sometimes get away with a more casual dress shoe or pair of loafers, but you may want to stay away from pairing joggers with your work or hiking boots. Instead, opt for a low-top sneaker with a sleek design.

In addition, most joggers don’t pair well with tucked-in shirts. Because of how joggers fit your waist, tucking in your shirt can make your outfit look more sloppy than not. Instead, embrace the untucked button-up look, even if you’re wearing a dress shirt. While this makes for a more business casual look, you’ll be able to pull this off much more easily.

Lastly, most joggers don’t go with suit jackets or blazers. These often look too boxy with a pair of joggers and create more dissonance between the two clothing items. If you’re looking to add another layer, trade your blazer or suit jacket for a bomber or cardigan. This can add texture and dimension to your outfit.

The pants every closet needs

Joggers are a staple in any closet. Whether you’re getting ready to grab groceries, go on a coffee run, or go on an actual run, a pair of joggers can take you there. With comfort and stretch built in to optimize your everyday activities, you can get so much out of a pair of joggers. Plus, with so many ways to wear them, they’re perfect for anyone.

Story by Alex Hamilton

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