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5 ways to wear a crossbody

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Everyone knows that a bag can make or break an outfit – accenting your style and bringing out your accessories, or bringing the whole look crashing down with a mismatched choice in the wrong style or color.

Crossbody bags are one of the most versatile styles there is, coming in limitless styles, colors and materials – and you can make them work with almost any look.

With an understated outfit

One of the most exciting ways to wear a crossbody is to wear a statement bag with a plain, chic outfit; try a pair of dark trousers with a plain, dark jumper or turtleneck.

Pair that with a colorful, patterned leather crossbody bag. One of medium size would be ideal, so the bag doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the outfit.

This way of wearing a crossbody bag livens up a plain outfit, taking it from dull to dramatic in one fell swoop.

If a colorful pattern isn’t to your taste, choose a brightly block-colored bag with bold clasps or fastenings – and remember, a bright bag should go with a dark outfit, while a dark bag should go with a light outfit.

With bold patterns

Choosing a bag with a chain strap can be a statement in itself, but they’re also the perfect choice to wear with a patterned top or dress.

Chain straps go perfectly with patterned clothes because they don’t obscure or break up the pattern.

When choosing a chain strap bag, make sure the chain is the same color as your jewelry or belt buckle to add a real finishing touch, and ideally, the main color of the bag should match a shade present in the pattern.

With a boho look

A more unusual way to wear a crossbody bag is as part of a boho look.

Pairing a crossbody bag with a long floral dress, a wide-brimmed floppy summer hat and some delicate sandals creates the perfect boho look for summer.

A simple brown suede bag with long fringing is a great choice for this look, creating the perfect blend of stylish and carefree.

Adding statement jewelry in a similar shade to the bag you choose will bring the outfit together.

As a glamorous accessory

The traditional image of the crossbody bag is the slightly bulky, practical bag great for the everyday task of carrying your stuff around.

However, the secret talent of the crossbody bag is being the key to a hands-free glamorous night out.

A small crossbody bag with a thin, elegant strap in a bright colour or glittery design to accent your little black dress while handily keeping hold of all your makeup, cards and keys, is the perfect party bag.

As an everyday bag

Finally, we find the crossbody bag truly in its element. For a subtle, practical look choose a bag that closely matches the colour of your outfit.

This will blend in nicely without drawing attention to your look or making a statement, simply acting as a practical hands-free handbag.

This is a great choice for a simple day out shopping, or perfect to pull off a professional, understated look for a conference or job interview.

How to wear a crossbody bag

The crossbody bag is one of the most versatile accessories out there – from big and bulky to small and delicate, the crossbody bag works perfectly as a glamorous accessory or everyday handbag.

This handy guide is just a starting place – wear yours how we have here, or add your own twist to make your bag work for you.

Pair it carefully with the right accessories and clothes, and you can’t fail to look stylish and put-together.