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5 ways to use post-its

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Almost everyone knows them. Post-its. You can read in this article about how you can use these handy memo sheets and how they can contribute to a proactive work environment.

  1. Brainstorming and meetings

Post-its are ideal for planning and organizing projects. For example, make a weekly schedule and put the tasks for each working day on a post-it. This makes it easy to create an overview and you can discuss this in a team meeting. Post-its are also very handy for brainstorming. Give everyone a block and let them write down ideas about the brainstorm topic. Slide these ideas among themselves and write down the additional ideas. Once all the ideas have gone around the table, you can stick one of the best ideas on a whiteboard and discuss it further.

  1. Quick note

Post-its are also ideal for taking quick notes during a phone call, such as important data or the name of the caller. Or a short message such as a callback request. The big advantage is that you can paste the notes onto, for example, a colleague’s screen so that the message is indispensable. This is not only useful for colleagues, but also for yourself if you don’t want to forget anything. Post-its can be removed without glue remnants.

  1. Highlighting pages 

While studying or reading a subject, it is very useful to find important information quickly. Use Post-its to highlight these important pages and find them easily.

  1. Coding by color

In addition to the standard yellow colour, post-its are now available in many more colours. These colors are there so you can code things by color. For example: coding things you want to remember by color or classifying things in certain categories. You can also color code your calendar.

  1. Setting goals

Do you like working towards goals? Then hang post-its in memory of your goal. For example on your computer, in your diary or on the fridge. You can also write all the names of the colleagues in your team on a whiteboard so that everyone can post a weekly post-it with his or her goals.

Alternative to post-its

An alternative to post-its are makeer stickers. These are post-its, but of a smaller size. These are ideal for marking or encoding pages by subject.

Post-its with logo

If you want to come across as a professional company, you can also print post-its (translation: post it bedrukken). For example with a logo or your own design. Besides the standard square and rectangular models, you can also choose a special shape.

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