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5 ways to spot a great online casino

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Online casinos have been growing in popularity in recent years and now there are so many options out there that it’s hard to know where to start. Should you opt for the name you know, go with the one that offers the best prizes, or try one that has the best selection of games? Yep, it can certainly get confusing.

Thankfully though, there are some easy ways to spot the best online casino that suits your needs. And luckily for you, we’ve gone ahead and listed them right here.


As we said earlier, the online casino industry is rising in popularity on an almost daily basis. The latest research predicts that the online gaming market will be worth a staggering USD 87.75 billion by 2024. That’s a whole lot of people playing at online casinos.

Ideally, you want to take advantage of these high numbers by opting for a platform that has a significant number of registered players. The reason for this is that when you want to play a multiplayer game such as poker, you have better chances of finding players online at any time of the day or night.

More importantly, though, is the fact that a popular casino is obviously doing something right to attract so many players. After all, why would players stay with a provider if they weren’t enjoying their experience? And that leads to our next point.


In the digital age finding reviews for anything, be it a service or product, is pretty easy and casino are no different. Start looking for independent review or comparison sites that are unaffiliated to any casino providers. You can also check Google reviews, reviews on the company’s social media pages, and even industry-specific forums.

There will always be one or two customers that have an issue with a platform, so check to see how the provider interacts with negative reviewers. And remember too that one or two negative comments doesn’t necessarily mean that the provider is bad. However, if you see a recurring theme in any negative feedback, it might be something to pay closer attention to.

Game selection

It goes without saying that the majority of platforms will give you the chance to play straightforward versions of the most common games. The very best platforms, however, will go one better and offer you a few variations of popular casino games. So for example, if roulette is your thing then you should be able to choose from American, French, or European versions of the game.

You also want to make sure that there are games that suit a variety of budgets. There should be plenty of low stakes options and a few higher buy-in games if that’s what you’re after. Remember that how much you choose to wager on a game should always be your choice so take some time to explore the price ranges on offer throughout the site.

You can also take this chance to see if there’s enough on the site to keep you happy and interested. There’s no point in signing up for a platform if there are only one or two games that you will ever play. Instead look for a provider that has an extensive catalog that includes a wide variety of games.


Now we get down to the nuts and bolts of online casinos and right here, security is your number one priority. Remember that your platform will require ID and personal information to verify your age and location. They will also need your banking or credit card information too, so you can make deposits and withdrawals. You might have an incredibly secure home network, but that doesn’t mean you’re 100% protected.

First off, you want to check that the casino is fully licensed and regulated by a recognized authority. Now, that doesn’t mean that it has to be licensed in your country of residence but it does need to be a genuine licensing authority. For example, there are many platforms that have their licensing issued by an overseas authority such as in Malta. In the States, license will usually be issued by the state where the platform’s HQ is based.

Fully licensed online casinos are strictly regulated and must meet stringent security obligations before they can operate. They will also use only major payment gateway providers that offer the best security measures. You can usually find all of this information in the footer or bottom section on any page of the casino’s website.

Terms and conditions

Everyone hates to read the terms and conditions and no one reads them thoroughly. In fact, if you are honest with yourself, it could be that you’ve never truly read them ever before. For some things, it’s not so much of a big deal. But when it comes to something that involves money, it’s an absolute must.

Yes, there may be a ton of legal jargon in there that you find hard to follow, but we still think it’s worth the time to have a quick run through it. What you’re looking for is any mentions of withdrawals, deposits, winnings, fees, and penalties. Most reputable casino sites will have no fees or penalties for making withdrawals so if you see a mention of either, then that’s your first red flag.

Deposits will always go in immediately, but withdrawals of your winnings are a little different. The casino will usually process your withdrawal quickly but delays can happen when it gets to your bank or credit card provider. This is why most platforms will give you separate time frames depending on your withdrawal method and these should be no longer than a week at the very most. Longer time frames of 14 days or even 30 days are unacceptable.

And that’s how you spot a great online casino. Pretty easy, right? Well, it will take a little time and effort, but in the long run it’s certainly worth your while. Happy gaming and remember us if you ever win big!

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