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5 ways to limit losses when day trading

Every person has their own approach to the market. Some people are very aggressive, some like to take as little risk as possible, and others strike a balance between the two. Which technique you use is just one part of developing a solid trading strategy. You also need to think about which types of investments you’re interested in. Some people purchase shares and aim to hold onto them for decades while they gain value, and other people invest for only a short-term period — even buying and selling the same stocks in the same trading session.

A key part of a good trading strategy is knowing how to minimize risks. Indeed, even if you’re an aggressive trader, you want losses to be as little as possible. Start by thinking about the type of trading you’re doing. For example, Forex or binary trading requires lots of research into current events that may affect the value of certain goods. However, in day trading you need to use techniques, like setting stopping points and using stop-loss orders, to minimize losses and generate the most revenue possible.

Another key part of trading is using formulas for things like determining a stock’s value compared to other options and projecting expected returns. The latter type of formula is especially valuable in day trading, though using it will take some practice. You can even use this formula on several stock options to see which has the highest profit potential. Check out the infographic below for more information about limiting losses in day trading.

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