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5 ways to keep your dog safe during summer

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Summertime means a lot of fun activities, including barbeques, fireworks, traveling, outdoor festivals, and pool parties. Summer is the perfect time to play outside with your dog and have some quality bonding time. However, the scorching summer heat also means higher risks for your dog, including ear and skin infections, injuries, and the risk of heatstroke. This article discusses ways to keep your dog safe during summertime.

1. Be wary of foreign food ingestion

Summers are full of backyard barbeques which normally involve delicious foods like vegetable skewers, corn on the cob, desserts, fruit salads, and hot dogs. Some of these tempting foods are not good for your dog. For instance, corn on the cob can result in an obstruction in your pet’s intestinal tract, which can lead to death. Also, sharps skewers can lead to perforation along the digestive tract. Certain foods, fruits, and vegetables, including cooked sweet potato, carrots, and grain-free dog food, are safe for your furry friend to eat in moderation. However, avoid raisins and grapes as they have been found to cause kidney failure in certain dog breeds.

2. Ensure there is enough water and shade for your dog

Dogs are at a high risk of dehydration in summer. They become much thirstier than humans when they get hot. Signs of dehydration in dogs include excessive drooling, heavy panting, wobbly legs, and dry gums. Ensure your dog has access to clean drinking water inside the house, and be sure to bring a bottle of drinking water for your dog when going out.

Also, keep your house cool to ensure your dog can truly chill when left alone in the house. Close the drapes and leave the air conditioner on. If there is no AC in your house, leave the windows open and turn on the fan. You may also want to check if a cooling mat or vest can help.

3. Never leave your dog in the car

Even when you think you will be back in minutes, don’t be tempted to leave your pet in the car. Not even when it’s not that hot, the temperature can really go up in a closed vehicle. On an 80-degree day, temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach 100 F within minutes. Leave your furry friend at home if they can’t come with you to the places you are visiting.

4. Apply sunscreen

It may be surprising, but dogs get sunburns too, and just like humans, they hurt and can result in skin cancer. If you are planning to spend some time out in the sun, apply sunscreen to the least-covered parts of your dog. Only use sunscreen specially made for dogs.

5. Don’t shave your dog

Shaving your dog in the summer might seem like a solution for overheating, but your dog’s coat is designed to keep it cool during hot weather and warm during cold weather. You can trim your dog’s fur in the summer, but don’t shave them.


Summer is the perfect time for outdoor fun activities, but you need to keep your dog safe when the temperature rises.

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