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5 ways to help your kids get through a divorce

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At some points in marriage, parting ways with one’s partner might seem like the most reasonable thing to do.

But in the middle of the divorce drama, do you consider the kids at all?

For starters, your kids are probably used to living with their mom and dad. It’s all they’ve grown up to know all their lives. Now, you’re asking them to adapt to a broken home.

How do you think they’ll adjust and adapt to this new system?

Honestly speaking, adaptation and adjustment won’t happen all on their own. You need to take some actions to help your kids get through such a difficult time.

In this article, we want to show you five ways you can help your kids make it through a divorce saga.

Sit with them and talk things through

Yes, the kids probably have no say in the matter at the moment. The least you can do is explain to them what’s happening, why you’re making such decisions, and what the decision means to them.

For example, both parties can sit with the children and tell them, “look, the friction between mom and dad has grown beyond repair. So, we think it’s best to stay apart from each other for a while. But don’t worry; we’ll both remain in touch with you.”

Whether it’s the father who’s the kids’ custodian after the divorce or the mother, having this sort of conversation will go a long way in helping the kids drop their expectations.

Immediately, they’ll understand things aren’t going to be what they used to be. This is better than leaving the kids to find out from one party alone or living with the heartache of what happened to mom and dad.

Make an arrangement to keep both parties in touch

Once divorce sets in, most couples prefer not to see each other for the time being.

This is not a problem at all. It’s your choice. However, in order to keep your kid (whom I believe strongly you love) away from the mess of a divorce, both parents need to make arrangements for how they’re going to be seeing their kid.

This will go a long way in helping the child miss their parents a lot less.

If coming to the house might present a problem, you can make arrangements to drop the kid at the lawyer’s office, wherein the other party will come to say hello. Alternatively, you could use a relative’s place, or a friend’s, or a neutral ground.

However, if you can’t think of the right solution, you can contact a divorce lawyer in Knoxville to seek advice on the best course of action.

Take the fights outside

Under no circumstance should you and your ex-partner fight in front of the kids.

Doing so will only add to their already filled sorrow tank. Not to mention the confusion, disappointments, and shame it gives to them.

If at all you and your ex need to thrash things out, always make sure it’s done in the absence of the kids.

That means not entertaining any form of friction, argument, or fights during visitations or when you bump into each other.

Get the children into counseling

This is the most important element of recovery for the children.

Although when parents split in divorce, both parties are usually the ones sent into counseling, it can be a great idea to send the kids into counseling, too.

Kids, as we know them, struggle more than adults to contain their emotions. Dropping the bombshell on them like that might put them in a devastating position.

Taking them to a counselor or allowing them to go on their own can make a world of difference in how they handle things post-divorce.

Never ever tell the kids one party is to blame

Kids are very sensitive, and they tend not to forget things so easily.

Telling them after a divorce that their mom/dad is the one responsible for you guys being apart might create “hate” in their minds for the other party.

Although they may feel empathetic towards you and feel their mom/dad messed up by messing up your marriage, you won’t allow them to let go of the reality of your divorce early enough.

To prevent this, try to tell a guilt-free story to the kids at all times, whether you’re their custodian or you only come on visitation. This will allow the kids to understand that it’s possible to love someone, separate from them, and still stay hate-free.

Story by Uday Tank

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