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5 ways to burglar-proof your small business

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Small businesses are common victims of burglary, and most of the loss is in merchandise. The FBI reports that robberies in the U.S. bring about losses of over $1.6 billion every year. Around 25 percent of these robberies occur in small businesses where burglars have visited. Likewise, crime reports show that small businesses that have installed strong burglarproof doors and locks with strong security measures are not likely targeted by criminals.

If you’re wondering how to secure your small business, here are five ways to make it burglar-proof:

Lock the burglar out

A high-quality door lock will make it harder for burglars to break-in. A locksmith will advise that the pin-cylinder door lock typically gives the most reliable security since it’s more challenging to pick. A top-of-the-range deadbolt is a highly recommended option. These keyed entry locks are not easily opened, especially not by slipping a bit of metal between the door edge and frame – a common technique burglars use on locks that lock automatically when the door closes.

The most significant frustration for a thief is the double-cylinder deadbolt, which needs to be opened using a key from both sides, making it hard for a burglar to get access to the entrance from inside or outside the business premises.

Install exterior security cameras

CCTV cameras aren’t only useful inside your business premises but also help deter criminals outside your business. Security cameras present small businesses with video surveillance and recordings of everything that occurs when you’re not around. Installing cameras at strategic points inside and outside your business ensure reliable day and night surveillance.

It’s essential to know the legal and privacy implications for installing cameras in workplaces. Inform employees of the surveillance cameras and ensure that they’re not fitted in restrooms, employee lounges, or break rooms to maintain privacy.

Introduce a monitored alarm system

Monitored alarm systems automatically contact your security company’s monitoring station or a police station when the alarm is initiated. These alarm systems can be silent, allowing the police to sneak up on the criminals or produce a loud sound in the business premises and concurrently notify the security company, providing you with two-fold security.

A wireless security monitoring system makes it simpler to incorporate video surveillance as an extra deterrent. The system can remotely transmit the video footage to the police or your smartphone. While it is not a smart thought to approach a robbery in progress, except if you are the police, the footage of an on-going break-in increases the chances of catching the burglar. It may as well be valuable proof when claiming with your insurance agency.

Put burglars in the spotlight

Adequate and secure lighting assists with deterring burglars from your business. Install lights in areas that are not in plain sight and where burglars could access within the building. Ensure you use intense lighting and install the security-purpose bulbs inside vandal-proof enclosures to keep them from being effortlessly broken by a burglar.

Install security windows

The most frequent place where burglars attempt to break in is through the windows. Windows are usually relatively easy to break with any objects. They provide easy access and fast entry with little effort. One of the most reliable ways to secure your business and protect yourself from break-ins through the windows is installing shatter-resistant glass and security window films.

Installing a security window film is a cost-effective method to secure your windows from becoming an entryway for burglars while not affecting your premise’s aesthetics. Consider investing in strong security windows in vulnerable areas to discourage burglars from breaking in.

Protect your business

Regardless of how great your security system is and the different safety measures you have set up, human error could be your failure. It takes a small mistake in judgment where a worker forgets to activate the alarm, or even somebody loses their entry keys.

Ensure you have regular security updates will workers and cover all security protocols. Change your passcodes regularly and remain alert to possible lapses in your security systems.

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