5 ways PTSD affects a person’s life

The effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in an individual are numerous and some of them even spread to those around. The person often suffers from intrusive traumatizing thoughts and memories which vividly bring the past back to life. There is no one definite Cure for PTSD but there are sure ways to manage the situation until the person gets back to their feet. However, the rate of recovery varies from one individual to the other. These variations depend on the strength of the available support system and the patient’s willpower. Sometimes the environment in which the person is operating also contributes greatly to the recovery process.

Traumatic events affect the totality of a person’s being. Regardless of whether the causative events were primarily physical or psychological, every aspect of their life is affected. For instance, rape is majorly a physical offence. However, its effects spread into the mind and the spirit of the victim. They not only become disturbed on the inside but they also develop issues in relating to those around them. The following are five ways PTSD affects a person’s life:


  1. Strained relationships

Handling relationships even with perfectly healthy people is never a smooth sail. When Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is involved, it becomes even more difficult. This is because such patients suffer from acute mood swings and emotional instability. One moment they are okay and in the next one they are completely different people. While the patient is not to blame most of the time, other people find it hard to relate freely to them. This discomfort and uncertainty strain their social relationships and some even become anti-social and hostile.


  1. Issues at the workplace

Those who are suffering from PTSD have lives to live and that includes work. In as much as they desire to have a normal day at work, it is difficult to keep things under control. First of all, the pressure to deliver on the expectations of others usually drains them. There are clients to take care of, colleagues to cope with and bosses to answer to. Emotional instability messes up relationships.

Again, work has obligations and tasks that must be accomplished within specific timelines. If someone experiences anxiety or any other paralyzing emotions, then they are not able to deliver as per the expectations.


  1. Abuse of substances

Coping with PTSD can be overwhelming especially if the suffering individual feels unsupported. In such cases, some turn to substance abuse as a way of avoiding reality. Whether it is alcohol or drugs, they choose to down their real emotions in a fantasy world of no worries. The effect that these substances on their body and mind somehow offers them solace. However, since these feelings are short-lived, they have to keep using the substances and this leads to addictions.

If PTSD is left untreated, it attracts a lot of unhealthy lifestyle habits and abuse of drugs. This means that the patient will now require regular treatment plus rehabilitation. The realization that an individual has picked certain addictions causes them even more stress.


  1. Problems with physical health

Suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder causes major setbacks on someone’s physical health. Sometimes it is as a result of their destructive behaviors while other times it comes as a result of increased stress hormones. Some suffer from heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and other diseases that are as a result of eating disorders.

Stomach ulcers are also common in people who have had to deal with stress over a long period of time. Although PTSD primarily affects the mind of an individual, long-term effects do not spare their physical bodies either. Some even neglect their bodies and subject themselves to physically harmful practices as a way of trying to numb their pain.


  1. Deteriorated mental health

Trauma usually causes a major blow on an individual’s mind. Quite often than not, people who suffer from PTSD end up with a variety of mental health issues. Some suffer from anxiety attacks, others acute memory loss and some pick up eating disorders along the way. Those who go to the extreme even attempt suicide in the bid to get away from all the pain and the mess.

Even though Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder sits right in the inside of a person, the effects manifest on the outside. They affect the day to day functioning of that person in the ways discussed here and many more. However, if help is sought early enough then the patient can recover and lead a normal life again.

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