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5 toxins that might be found in baby food

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When you have a baby, you want your child to grow and flourish into being the best little person they can be. You do whatever you can do to shield them from harm from the outside world and inside your home.

You child-safety-proof your home, use cleaning products proven to be safe for the baby, and only allow the baby near people with its best interest in mind. You bath the baby only in soaps gentle enough for a baby’s skin. You only buy blankets with materials safe to wrap the baby in and give the baby non-hazardous toys. All those efforts are significant.

With that being said, have you taken a deep look into what might be in baby food? Yes, you may pull a jar of baby food off the grocery store shelf and assume it is safe … but is it safe? Before you buy a brand-name jar again, it is time to look into some of the research out there. It may seem tedious, but if you look in the right direction, you can find organic, additive-free, containment-free baby food if you know what to look for.

What toxins might be found in baby food?

The United States Food and Drug Administration recently did a study. In that study, the scientists discovered many heavy metals in baby food that we find on the store shelves today. The levels were high enough to raise some alarms throughout the United States Congress and The United States Food and Drug Administration. With the results of this research, many

You may ask, “how do these toxins get into our children’s food?”. With the increased use of pesticides and other farming chemicals, the toxins get into the soil, then into the plan and our food.

Studies have shown that heavy metals in baby food can induce long-term effects during critical years during a child’s development like cancer, chronic diseases, vision problems, hearing problems, autism, ADHD, etc.

Heavy metals found in baby food

Here is a list of heavy metals found in baby food.


Arsenic has been found in foods like brown rice, rice cereals, apple, and grape juices.


Lead is not only found in paint. It can be found in certain foods. Many parents feed their babies sweet potatoes. Did you know that certain root vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots may contain lead?


Cadmium has been linked to soy products. Several of the non-dairy formulas are made with soy. In addition to soy, Cadmium may be found in green leafy vegetables


Most people have been told to watch the mercury levels in the fish they consume. What many people do not know about is that several vegetables have had traces of mercury. These vegetables include certain lettuces, spinach, eggplants, and tomatoes.

These heavy metals can be found in the ingredients the baby food is made from and traced to the baby food during the manufacturing of the food.


You love your baby. Do what is best for them and research what the best baby foods options are available for your family. Find a baby food provider that understands how important their product is to the growth of your child.

Buy from a company that regularly tests their products during the post-manufacturing to ensure food safety throughout the food supply chain process. That way, you can feed your baby with ease, knowing that you are giving them quality and safe product.

Your baby will thank you.

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