5 top tips on choosing pre-assembled kitchen cabinets

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Pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are the current trend for homeowners today. The reason why it is selling like hotcakes in the market is due to its offered convenience. Not to mention, you will be able to save more compared to the regular cabinets that require materials and services.

Affordable, convenient, and practical— these are the top reasons why one would go for this type of cabinets. Pre-assembled cabinets are one of the most popular options. However, it would be best if you take some time to learn more about this type of cabinet.

Read on to know more about choosing the best cabinet for your needs.

What’s the Idea of the Pre-assembled Cabinet?

Simply speaking, pre-assembled cabinets are delivered to your front door in its final form. It will look like how it has been shown at the manufacturer’s showroom, and all you have to do is install it. What you need to prepare beforehand is a carefully measured area to make your installation problem-free.

Choose a Realistic and Ideal Cabinet

There are instances wherein your idea’s expectation is different from reality, which results in dissatisfaction most of the time. You may have taken a liking to that dark stained cabinet, which seems sophisticated, but lacks the required space. As a result, it will lead to unnecessary clutter in your kitchen, with your unused display-only cabinet.

Thinking of your cabinet’s style is great. However, make sure that it will also serve a purpose in your kitchen and help you out in decluttering items. You should always keep in mind that your kitchen cabinets are something that you’re going to live with for a few years. Thus, you must choose your cabinet not only creatively but also realistically.

Pick the Right Style

Make sure that you know the right style for your cabinet kitchen area. Would you like to go for the frame or frameless? Framed cabinets are boxed shaped that comes with a face frame wherein doors and drawers are attached. On the other hand, frameless cabinets where doors and drawers are directly attached to the cabinet box.

When choosing between the framed and frameless, make sure you know that the lack of face frame can compromise the rigidity of the cabinet. It would be for the best if you always base the style from the cabinet’s needed function.

Consider Your Budget

Budget is the topmost concern when a homeowner is remodeling an area or is in dire need of a new kitchen cabinet for various reasons. As such, you must know how much storage you need in your kitchen, and what kind of pre-assembled cabinet fits your budget. Thus, you should at least get a gist of the cabinets’ prices before you buy one.

There are three variants in cabinetry when it comes to budget: basic, mid-level, and high-end. Since pre-assembled cabinets belong to the basic or budget type, worrying about this item’s cost is far off. Pre-assembled cabinets have a lower price point compared to the customized cabinets or mid-levels and high-end ones. However, make sure that you are getting most from your wallet by checking the quality of the cabinet you are eyeing.

Demand for Quality

The second most important when picking a pre-assembled cabinet is its durability. As a homeowner, determining the durability of your chosen cabinet is a must. Thus, remember that the overall quality of the cabinets is closely connected with how it was constructed.

Meaning, you should consider the materials, tools, as well as the manufacturer. You need to carefully pay attention to these factors for determining the quality if you want your cabinets to last for a long time.

In order to determine well-built cabinets, the material should highly feature hardwood or medium-density fiberboard, and it has complete components of joining parts. Lastly, its hardware has drawer slides which can be composed of metal or plastic rollers.

Go for Trusted Cabinet Manufacturers

There is a sea of cabinet manufacturers in the furniture industry. Additionally, with the online platform these days, it is easy to find tempting offers at various websites with low prices for a good quality product. Although those low prices might catch your eye, you usually get what you pay for.

It does not necessarily mean to say that you should go for expensive ones. However, you need to be cautious in approaching a seller or an unknown manufacturer that may be disguising a low-quality item as a great steal. Thus, when choosing a cabinet, you should go for manufacturers or dealers with good recommendations or reviews, such as the Kitchen Cabinet Kings.


Redecorating an area in your house is no easy feat. It could also be stressful for the homeowner since one had to spend tons of time and resources during the process. Choosing a pre-assembled cabinet for the remodeling is a practical and convenient way to install kitchen cabinets without hassle. However, make sure that you know what pre-assembled kitchen cabinets to look for before committing to buying one.

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