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5 tips to keep your house cool in summer

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Summer can get really harsh because of the elevated temperatures in the house. Rather than having to dip yourself in the pool several times a day, you can put measures into place right in your own home to ensure it stays cool and comfortable throughout the day (or night). You should buy portable air conditioner 2x that will help you to keep your home cool.

Here are the five actionable tips to keep your house cool in summer:

1. Close all the binds

Keeping the window blind closed is the best way to keep off heat from getting into the house. When you turn on cool air 1x air conditioner, must close all the blinds of your home. This is more practical if you have west or north-facing windows that allow sunlight into your home almost throughout the day. Better still, you can use a block-out curtain or water curtain 1x on your windows. They’ll help block the hot summer sun rays.

2. Blocking the heat

When you block heat from entering the house, you’ll spend less on cooling. You can shade your walls and windows using external coverings such as potted plants, awnings, or blinds. Deciduous trees are excellent for blocking summer heat. You can buy a portable air conditioning unit 1x at very reasonable rate to keep your home cool and reduce heat. You can plant them such that they cast a shadow over your house but still allow some sunlight during winter.

3. Use blast auxiliary

Blast Portable AC is a portable AC that will keep your house cool during summer and keep it warm during winter. This device also acts as a humidifier and air cleaner. Blast Auxiliary can filter harmful particles from the air in your house to make the air healthy. It is affordable, portable, easy to maintain, and easy to use.

You can use Blast Auxiliary in any room and even carry it from one room to another. You can as well use it in your office or car. It keeps the air cool and clean.

4. Adjust the ceiling fans

You might not know it. But your ceiling fan or air cooler 1x can be contributing to the heat in your house. If you don’t adjust the fan properly, it will just push hot air around. This is the case when the fan is rotating clockwise. So, in summer, make sure you set your fan to rotate counter-clockwise. This way, it will push air down and encourage cooling.

5. Changing the light bulbs

Light bulbs can also be a reason for any overheating in your house, particularly if you use incandescent light bulbs. These bulbs produce a lot of heat, which explains why they’ve been phased out in some countries. If you still have them in your house, you better replace them with energy-saving bulbs. The energy-saving bulbs will not heat your home and will also keep your monthly electricity bills down.


As you can see, keeping your house cool in summer requires that you make some investments. The above methods are the most affordable and practical ways of keeping your home cool in summer.

The easiest of them all is to use Blast Auxiliary. But this gadget also consumes energy, so you must use it together with the other methods to keep your energy costs low. For example, when you’ve blocked heat, adjusted your fans, and changed the light bulbs, you’ll only need to run Blast Auxiliary for a few minutes or hours to cool the room.

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