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5 tips to design an effective compliance training course

Is compliance training in your company nothing but a task to check off the onboarding to-do list?

Feeling discombobulated with the complexity of compliance training is understandable. However, compliance for compliance’s sake can prove to be precarious for your company.

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If it seems like there is no simple way out that can help your employees to not only complete their compliance training but to also enjoy it, we are here to help.

With the right research and planning, you design a more effective and engrossing compliance training course. Here’s how.

Find the blind spots in your current approach

When we want to make something better, our instinctive action is to see what went wrong in the past and correct it in the future.

To figure out ways to make compliance training better, the better approach is to survey your employees and take help of their opinions. To make your compliance training program more effective, it is important to first make is people-centric.

You can start with an unconscious bias training which can help the trainees in understanding how they deal with ethical dilemmas, before the commencement of actual training. This will encourage them to openly discuss their blind spots and be more involved in the training.

Try Microlearning

Compliance training can be essentially categorised two ways,

  • Comprehensive training which constitutes of full-length training courses that cover every subject in details.
  • Reinforcement is online training which is made up of more accessible and easily digestible chunks of knowledge, also called microlearning.

The second category type or microlearning can help in making compliance training more engaging, improving the training ROI, improve the accessibility of the course and reinforce it in a better way.

Another advantage of this is that it is a mobile-friendly way of learning and can be used to easily implement eLearning for training for all the employees (including remote workers).

Choose a good eLearning Authoring tool

eLearning Authoring tools allow you to create compliance training courses quickly and more efficiently.

In fact, with the help of the right rapid authoring tool, you can develop advanced courses much faster. With their inbuilt features like templates, media elements, backgrounds, etc., your courses can be easily customised as you like.

With solutions like Elucidat, Easygenerator, isEasy as a part of the authoring tool directory, it has become simpler than ever to choose the right tool and create engaging compliance training courses.

Keep it relevant

No matter what the official course guidelines say, it is up to you to make compliance training as relevant as possible for your employees.

The reason is simple – The more relevant and useful your employees find compliance training, the more they are going to be engaged and interested in it.

Begin with outlining your team’s expectations and outcomes of the course. Directing the training at their roles and responsibilities, and making it practically beneficial for them is the best way to increase participation and retention.

The right assessment

The only way to gauge the progress and effectiveness of your compliance training program, it is crucial to assess your employees regularly.

Pre-assessments can help you in finding out the knowledge base of your employees in order to customise the course in a more focused way.

And once the training begins, periodic appraisals will allow you to keep a check on overall course progress, employee performance, and how the learnings are being implemented.

Finally, the final assessment will help you in evaluating how effective was the training course.

You can also incorporate quantifiable measures to objectively looks at the progress of the training program.


Whether you have a global workforce or just the in-house team, compliance training is legally, morally and functionally important for creating a healthy working atmosphere.

So, if your current ways are not working, the solution is not to discard training but to make it interesting for everyone. All the best.

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