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5 tips for effective company meetings in a remote environment

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Have you started hosting company meetings remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Are you looking for ways to make these remote meetings more successful for everyone involved? Have you found your meetings lacking here and there?

In this article, you will find information about how to host effective company meetings even when you need to work remotely. Look through this information to find out more.

Choose the right software

Above all else, you will need to choose the right video meeting software to make your company meetings successful. Narrow down your options based on the features and functions included in the different software you’re considering, and pick the one that addresses your concerns about virtual meetings while achieving your goals at the same time.

You should choose software that makes it easy for you to present your meetings and gives you a chance to speak with other members of your team easily. You should also pick software that your employees and team members can learn how to operate easily as well as software that can be readily accessed by your customers and clients if needed.

Integrate your scheduling tools

Do you love to keep track of your schedule using Microsoft programs or Google? If so, you don’t have to migrate everything to your new software. Choose a software that allows you to integrate your calendars and scheduling functions smoothly and seamlessly. This will help you make the transition even easier on you and the whole company.

By doing this, you can also ensure everyone who needs to be at your virtual meetings will know when they’re expected to attend. You can send out reminders and follow-ups more easily as well.

Navigate screen sharing and presentations comfortably

There can be a strong learning curve when it comes to presenting online, especially in a remote business setting. If you’re looking for a way to start presenting and screen sharing during your meetings, you should choose a software that is powerful enough to handle both of these actions. Some software cannot handle the extra data load involved in screen sharing, so it’s best to work with one that can.

You may not need to screen share every time you have a meeting, but you should still allow the option to be there. It’s also important to make sure attendees at your meetings can share their screens if necessary, too. This way, everyone in the office can provide the information they need to share when they need to share it, just like they might during an in-person meeting.

Work with HD audio and video

It’s important to find software that allows you to use HD audio and video settings. The right software will ensure you always have crisp video and clear audio for yourself and all of your guests. With the help of powerful, updated technology, you won’t experience video conference interruptions or dropped calls either.

The right software will also include a few ways for you to adjust your audio and video outputs for the benefit of others. You can have complete control over your presentation experience as well as your viewing experience when you choose the right software to back you up. You will come across more professionally this way, and your employees as well as your customers will take your remote meetings more seriously as well. In this way, good quality audio and video can make or break your remote meeting, so keep this in mind.

Provide multiple ways to join

Finally, make sure your attendees have multiple methods of joining your meeting. Choose a software that allows attendees to access the meeting via browser without having to download a program or app. Pick something that can be accessed from anywhere in the world if you do business globally, and choose a software that will run on mobile browsers as well as laptop or desktop.

You should also make sure attendees can join with video, audio, and chat features, or a combination of all three. This way, everyone can participate whether they have access to a webcam, mic, or the time and space to join a video call.

Final thoughts

Working remotely poses its own set of unique challenges and obstacles, but company meetings don’t have to be one of them. When you take the time to choose the right software and put the tips in this article into practice, you will be much more successful at both hosting and attending company meetings.

The future of many companies is virtual, and there’s a good chance you’ll have many more virtual calls and conferences in your future. Take time now to pick the ideal software to meet your needs as well as the needs of your customers and clients moving forward.

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