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5 things you can do with a smartphone in 2021 

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Nowadays, smartphones can do many things that we sometimes even forget that they were designed just to make calls. These portable devices are becoming more and more useful every day, from buying almost anything, hiring a service, to learn something new.

As always with new technologies, you must be careful where you enter your credit card details or where you download an application (using official stores and websites is always the best option), but once you get used to the nuances of the Internet, you can participate in all the activities that we mention in this article and much more.

Play online games

You can play regular table games like Scrabble from a smartphone or challenge your skill in a pokie machine game with your friends. Online Pokies companies like regularly update their website to include exciting features and promotions to draw the attention of new customers, like the recently released “Made to Play” platform that was conceived with players in mind.

Staying up to date is one of the crucial challenges for gaming companies that must invest significant resources in innovations and promotions and adapt to the new requirements of the players.

Buy virtually anything

Global stores such as Amazon or AliExpress make it easy to order online and receive it in the comfort of your home. In 2020, the online shopping phenomenon has spread to social media and apps, so much so that you can go from hiring a photographer to buying food while checking your Instagram feed.

Setting up an e-shop is effortless, so you can also offer your products and services and boost your sales with just a few clicks.

Edit images like a pro

Nowadays, our smartphones are equipped with advanced cameras that take high-quality photographs and automatically set up advanced parameters for light, color, among others. Even some modern movies have been shot entirely on smartphones. By combining simple software and just a couple of clicks, you can get advanced results with your photos, enhancing colors or details.

Besides editing images, you can also record high-quality videos and live-stream for thousands of viewers.

Invest in the stock market

Not many years ago, entering the stock market was almost impossible for the average Joe, and information was presented in very complex formats. Now there are apps specifically designed to help investors in the decision-making process and manage a portfolio directly from a smartphone. Additionally, many hedge funds run accounts on Twitter, where they send regular newsletters to their clients.

Although investing is still a tricky business, accessing information and entering the market is now easier than ever.


Learning a new skill is one of the most powerful things you can do with a smartphone in 2020. At a beginner level, you can just read specialized blogs about the subject you want to study, but you can also enroll in formal courses and lectures that issue certificates afterward to attend classes.

An excellent example of this is language learning. Many apps innovate this process, going from a regular course to connecting people from all over the world to teach each other their mother tongue.

Story by Mauro Ferrari

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