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5 things to look for when picking a resume writing service

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Your resume is the most important tool in your job search toolkit, showcasing your professional strengths, and helping you stand out from the crowd. But a good resume can be complicated to create, and even the slightest formatting error can result in your removal from the applicant pool. Fortunately, there are resume writing experts who know how to take the guesswork out of your application, and help you put your best foot forward. But with most Resume Writing Services with an average price tag of $200 – $400 dollars for resume writing services, it’s important to know what to look for to find the best value, and talent, for your money.

Wondering how to assess the skills of a resume writer? We’ve got you covered! Check out these five criteria to help you pick the best resume writer for you.


Resume writing is a profession of its own, with top professionals demonstrating exceptional attention to detail, as well as experience with the resume requirements of different industries. And while there are countless resume writers offering their services online, don’t be fooled by big promises – look for experience.

Many professional resume writers have been working in their industry for years and hold certifications from the National Resume Writers’ Association, Career Directors International, or other reputable organizations. Before you put your career success in someone’s hands, make certain they have the skills and commitment you need.


Whether you are working with an online resume writing service or an in-person career coach, they should be able to provide you with reviews, testimonials, or references, to demonstrate their success. In fact, any company that is not able to provide these resources is either not sufficiently established, or adequately professional, to trust with your resume. But don’t believe everything you read – especially, if it’s provided by someone who wants your business.

Sometimes negative reviews are removed, and only the best testimonials are shared. Conduct some of your own research, research resume review sites, and talk to other professionals, to get additional perspective on any resume writing service you consider. With a bit of digging, you should be able to learn more about the reputation and success rate of your resume writer.

Career-specific resumes

All resumes are not the same. Each industry has its own expectations for resume formatting and content, with some professions even opting for Curriculum Vitae or portfolio options instead. With this in mind, it is important that a resume writing service is able to offer targeted resume packages that reflect the norms of the job for which you are applying. In order to make certain that you receive the service you need, ask your resume writer about their experience serving candidates in your industry. If they cannot explain the resume expectations of that field, you would be better off looking for a writer with skill in your professional field.

High quality samples

A skilled resume writer should have a portfolio of sample resumes, or resume excerpts, that they are able to share with you. While it is understandable that they may not want to share too many samples, or content with the names of specific clients, a professional resume writer will understand that you need to see some of their work. In fact, they should be proud to share some of their content, since it will help showcase their professionalism and relevant experience.

Any resume service provider who is unwilling to provide samples, or who offers out-of-date or unprofessional work, is likely not the expert you need to take your career to the next level.

Bang for your buck

Resume writing services are expensive, with the highest-end programs costing over $1,000. And while these fees can be justifiable if they help you land the job of your dreams, you are within your rights to ask for a detailed explanation about what you can expect to receive, and what options you will have if you are unsatisfied. Additionally, many reputable resume writers offer more than a resume for their fees, including consultations, draft reviews, and edits, as part of their package.

Make certain that your resume writing service provides you with the opportunity to participate in the process, as well as to provide feedback. Since this resume will reflect your career aspirations, it needs to be created with your unique needs and expectations in mind.

Putting it all together

Not every writer is a resume writer, and not every resume writer is an expert in all industries. To elevate your career, you deserve the most experienced professional you can find, and it is reasonable to expect that they will be forthcoming with samples, testimonials, and service explanations. Trust your instincts, do your research, and hold out for the accomplished resume writer you deserve – your career may depend on it.

Story by Kevin Curtin