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5 things to consider when hiring a hookloader

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Do you manage a large estate, such as an industrial site or commercial complex? If so, then you’re probably wondering how to effectively move heavy loads around the area. One brilliant way to do so is through a hookloader hire. A hookloader is a type of vehicle which can remove dumpster bodies and similar containers. Like anything, there are a couple of factors you need to consider before hiring a hookloader. We’re going to be discussing these things in our article today. Keep reading to find out what they are.

1.) Noise pollution

Hookloaders can be quite noisy vehicles because they handle such massive loads. This means they might not be appropriate in places like cities and suburban areas where there is a dense population. Otherwise, people might start complaining about noise pollution. As such, when hiring a hookloader, this is something to be mindful of. If using one is absolutely necessary in populated areas, we recommend hiring them so they don’t come at anti-social hours – for example, in the early morning or late evening.

2.) Health & safety

There are certain health and safety standards that every site needs to abide by. The hookloader you hire must comply with these standards. There needs to be key safety elements in place on the hookloader. For instance, it should have automatic latches, safety interlocks, stabilisers and a warning system which alerts people when something has gone wrong. Don’t forget about where your hookloader will be operating on the complex, either. Some areas might be difficult to get to and so the vehicle could potentially endanger people.

3.) Sliding or tilting

Some hookloaders will allow containers to slide off the vehicle whilst other hookloaders will tilt the container. You can also get hookloaders which do a combination of the two. To decide which type of hookloader you need, consider the loads you will be carrying. For instance, if you’re removing landfill, it might be easier to have a titling hookloader. Meanwhile, heavy containers might be better suited to a sliding hookloader.

4.) Different conditions

Different jobs will have different conditions. It’s fairly straightforward to use a hookloader in areas without many obstructions. However, in other complexes, there might be complications. For example, you might need an extra-long reach to remove containers or a power-boost for particularly heavy units. Some hookloaders are less capable at these things than others. As such, you should properly evaluate what you need the vehicle for, then hire the appropriate hookloader.

5.) Fuel consumption

It’s important to consider fuel consumption when finding a hookloader because this will affect the environment and the cost of the hire. To cut down on fuel, you should attempt to make fewer journeys by having a higher load per trip, plus check the weight of the containers/components you will be carrying.

These are some different things to consider when hiring a hookloader. With this knowledge, you should be able to find the perfect heavy-duty vehicle for you.

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