5 things in Bangkok that are cheaper than in India

Bangkok is everybody’s favourite shopping destination in the world. Tourists absolutely love shopping in Bangkok and are quite amazed by its combination of huge posh shopping centres along with unique Asian and international fashion design. Once you start exploring the markets and malls, you will end up finding all kinds of cool and cheap stuff here.

There’s nothing more enjoyable than buying things in Thailand that are either not available in your country or are a great deal cheap in Bangkok. If you are someone from Mumbai who wants to indulge in this crazy shopping session, you should book your cheap flight tickets from Mumbai to Bangkok as soon as possible.

Here is a list of 5 things in Bangkok that are cheaper than in India:

  1. Clothes

Thailand offers an excellent collection of clothes of the latest fashion in all sizes. Thailand is a country where appearance holds a lot of importance – and shopping is a national hobby of this country. Tourists visit from all over the planet to indulge in some clothes shopping here. The clothes here are not only cheap but are also beautifully stitched and have a very appealing fitting. If you are someone who cannot afford high-end brands, you definitely need to shop in Bangkok as here you’ll find amazing imitations of Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and D&G. Apart from street shopping, Thailand is fervently known for its massive shopping malls which have a huge variety of clothes. Let’s just say that leaving Bangkok without a suitcase full of clothes is a massive crime!

  1. Thai Jewelry

A lot of tourists who come from India do not know that Thailand is an amazing destination for gem shopping. This country is considered is a treasure trove of semi-precious stones, especially sapphires and rubies. In Bangkok, you will be able to find some immensely unique pieces of precious as well as semi-precious stones. Other than precious jewelry, you can also find cheap custom pieces like necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.

  1. Alcohol

While Western brands of alcohol such as wine and champagne are taxed heavily in Thailand, the local options are incredibly cheap and are worth taking home. Huge variety of brands are available easily in various supermarkets and are priced way cheaper than in India. If you are going to Bangkok to party, you can find cheap beer and drinks at different go-go bars in the city.

  1. Ceramics

If you are a fan of ceramics and pottery and are looking for decorative items for your home, then Bangkok is the perfect destination for you. From shelves with homemade pottery and ceramics, celadon, white pottery, Thai ceramics, blue pottery to stoneware, and stones, Bangkok has it all. Thai locals are known for their artistic sense, and if we talk about their skill in ceramics, they tend to prepare stunning handiwork. Do buy ceramics when you are in in this city, especially for Celadon items, which are gorgeous to look at.

  1. Household Items

If you love household decoration items or home accessories that are cheap but also beautiful, then Bangkok is the right place for you. You can buy handmade paper lights, ornaments, incredibly beautiful pillows, vases, fairy lights, lamps, and much more for as little as Rs. 100. Other than that, you can find antique vases which are hand carved in less than Rs.500.

Bangkok is considered as one of the world’s best cities for shopping. You can find absolutely anything here at low prices. However, just make sure to check the quality before investing in a product. So, don’t wait anymore and plan a trip to Bangkok soon!


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