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5 spectacular places you have to see in Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state and the smallest country in Southeast Asia. Its name comes from 2 words from the Malay language put together: singa which means lion and pura, which means city. The legend says that a prince from Sumatra found shelter on this island after a storm and named it the Lion City after spotting a ferocious lion. It has been a British colony after sir Thomas Stamford Raffles signed a treaty with sultan Hussein Shah because he saw the potential the city had and wanted to turn it into a commercial port. Nowadays is one of the most important and developed touristic places in Asia after it struggled with economy for a long time. Being an Asian county might scare you concerning language, but don’t worry, they speak English. If you decide to go visit this country that combines culture, history, nature and technology, here are some places you have to see.

Baba House

This is one of the best-preserved landmarks and it is in the state ownership, the National University of Singapore to be more specific, after one family member donated it. Baba House is a tree-storey building and you can see it in either a guided or non-guided tour. On the inside you can let yourself be amazed by the well-preserved cultural furniture and architecture from 1928. You will learn about the family that owned it and there are still photos of them all around the house.

Gardens by the Bay

If you have a Singapore tourist visa and you go to visit, you have to take advantage of the time and see the Gardens by the Bay, which is a botanic garden in a 21st century fantasy land that combines nature with high tech. The Supertrees even have a show in the evening for one hour, The Garden Rhapsody, when they glow and twinkle for you to see.

Singapore zoo

A place where nature is the most important, it has a combination of a zoo and a botanic garden, where you can glare at the exotic animals and even walk around a copy of an African village. The enclosures where they keep the inhabitants are the most comfortable in the world. You can take the breakfast surrounded by orangutans and kids can roam around freely in one of the amusement parks there.

Southern Ridges

You can have walks between 2 hilltops at a height of 36 meters above the road on wavy bridges placed in the middle of nature. Meanwhile you will get to see birds and trees and you will have a panoramic view of the city, making great spectacular photos.

National Gallery Singapore

This art gallery is held in the historic City Hall of Singapore and the Old Supreme Court, united by a vault, which helps you get from one place to the other. You can see 2 major galleries in there: the Singaporean art from the 19th century to present day and the Southeast Asian region. There is also a Special Exhibition Gallery that hols  temporary exhibitions from different art museums from around the world.

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