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5 social distancing date ideas

social distancing
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While it may be difficult to meet up regularly with a significant other that does not live in the same house right now, if you live with your partner there are plenty of ideas for a fun date, even if lots of places are still closed.

If your previous idea of a date was going out to dinner or the movies, it can be challenging to think of something fun and romantic to do for a date.

Read on for 5 great date ideas that can lead to a fun time, while social distancing.

  1. Bike to a secluded picnic spot

If you have two bikes, a picnic blanket, and some sandwich ingredients, this one is a cinch.

Pump up those tires, and pack a backpack with some picnic foods and a blanket and you are nearly good to go.

Scour google maps for a grassy area where you can bike over and then set up a romantic and secluded picnic spot for you and your beau.

Bonus romance points if you can find something next to nice scenery like a lake or surrounded by trees.

You may be surprised by how you almost feel like you have traveled to an awesome vacation destination while staying within a few miles of your home.

  1. Make your own pizza night

If you used to have a favorite weekend pizza joint or jazzy Italian restaurant you would frequent for a date, pick up a few groceries to put together a pizza together – you may be surprised just how easy and fun it can be.

Look up an easy basic pizza dough recipe (it can be as simple as just flour, salt, & water) and sip on your favorite red wine while taking turn kneading it before letting it rise and prepping the toppings.

If your date is a fan of competition, double the dough recipe and have a pizza challenge where you each top a pizza and try to make the tastiest one.

Then much on your delicious homemade slices, since everything tastes better when it is made together.

  1. Rewatch your favorite TV shows together

Find a favorite TV series that your partner has not seen yet, and vice versa.

Pop some popcorn, make the couch extra comfy, and cuddle up with your favorite person.

Then, take turns alternating episodes of your old favorites, to both re-watch something that you love, and share something special to you with your significant other.

Plus, watching them make predictions when you know all the twists and turns already will be half of the fun.

  1. Virtual double date game night

If social group get-togethers and double dates were your thing, don’t like social distancing entirely change your plans.

There are plenty of ways to virtually connect with a group of friends or your favorite double date couples, and still have a great night.

Set a time for everyone to log in to a video chat group and have some games on hand that will work over video.

Headbands, Pictionary, Scattergories, or various quiz games are great choices that don’t loose any of the fun when playing over a video chat.

Make sure the cameras are on, and dress up like you are heading for a night out, and you will hardly miss having an in-person game night.

Bonus: You get to hang out with some of your friends who may be social distancing and ready for a game night too.

  1. Fancy balcony or porch dinner

Nearly everyone has some kind of outdoor space attached to their home, whether it is a cozy apartment balcony, or a sprawling backyard deck.

These private outdoor areas are perfect for an intimate outside dining experience that can rival even the fanciest date-night restaurants.

Start by transforming the space with candles, fancy table settings, string lights, and music.

Then do your best to whip up something a little fancier to serve.


Dates are about spending time together and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

And, while you may be itching for venturing out to an exciting a lively environment for a date, you can still have a fun, new, and interesting date while social distancing.

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