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5 signs your small business is exhausting you: And how to change that

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Running a business is very rewarding but it requires hard work and comes with a lot of responsibility. Some days are better than others, but you shouldn’t let running the business get the best of you. Getting burnt out causes business owners to feel exhausted and unmotivated. It can take a toll on yourself and your business will feel the effects. As an entrepreneur, the weight of the company is on your shoulders so it’s important to be aware of getting burnt out. The best way to prevent it is by knowing its symptoms. To start, we brought together a list of all the signs your small business is exhausting you.

Easily Frustrated

An obvious sign that your business is exhausting you is when you start to notice all the “small things” getting on your nerves. What was once a passion is now a burden. This sense of irritability is stemming from your feelings of stress that comes with running a business. Running a business can add stress to your plate, but when it’s your business those stresses should typically be turned into something good such as determination or motivation. You want to avoid getting frustrated with the expectations and responsibilities because there’s a solution for everything and you don’t need it to cause you to be frustrated. Working overtime? Hire an assistant to help with the workload so your schedule is less demanding. Short on funds? Consider a small business loan from a company such as Seek Capital who specializes in small business funding.

Tired All the Time

No doubt feeling tired here and there is inevitable. It’s part of being human, but if you’re noticing that your quality of sleep is decreasing or you’re constantly going for that second cup of coffee in the afternoon then it may mean that your business is burning you out. When you feel tired, you’ll quickly start to get overwhelmed even by the thought of a simple to-do list. Being tired all the time, even when you get a good night’s sleep, means that you’re mentally not getting adequate rest you need.


Starting to be forgetful is a major sign that your business is exhausting you. This can be caused by being tired or a lack of drive because you’re burnt out. As an entrepreneur, your business feeds off your energy so if you’re seeming like you’re in a brain fog then the rest of the business will be impacted. Don’t get us wrong, every business owner has their days where they forget their keys or missed an important call, but we’re talking about being abnormally forgetful and more often.

Nothing Seems Good Enough

Feeling overall about your business and everyday life isn’t a sign that your business is failing, but that your business is exhausting you. This can be explained as “that glass half empty” mentality. Only focusing on the issues and bad that come with running a business is sure to make anyone feel over it. As a leader, it’s important to be confident and proud to run the business that you do. You can’t have this nagging feeling that nothing seems good enough if you want your business to succeed. This symptom is a major red flag that you may need a vacation soon before your performance is completely impacted.

Your Health Is Declining

This is the most obvious sign that your business is making you exhausted. When your health starts to decline, your body is telling you that it can’t keep going. On top of all the other signs of feeling your burnt out you start to notice cold symptoms sneaking up on you or maybe headaches are becoming more frequent. Research shows that stress can impact your immune system so when you’re exhausted from running the business, don’t be surprised if you end up getting sick. Additionally, when you focus so much time and energy on your work, you’re not able to focus on your well being whether it be physical or mental. This is sure to make your overall health decline.

How to Change It

So, you started to notice that these signs sound all too familiar to you and now you’re asking yourself “how do I change it?” Well, the answer is easy. Take a break! Don’t put the weight of your company on your shoulders. It’s ok to ask for help and hire people to take a load off your back. The more support you have, the better you’ll be able to manage your business and focus on what matters. If you don’t have the money to hire additional staff, consider taking out a small business loan. This can help cover payroll and get you back on your feet. When you have more people to help balance the workload, you’re able to spend more time at home with your family or even take a little vacation. Taking time away from work is so incredibly important for you to appreciate and enjoy your business.

Another way to prevent being burnt out is to exercise and eat right, Fueling your body with the nutrients it needs to run will only make your daily responsibilities easier to complete and exercising will increase your energy and mood. Exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet will also improve your quality of sleep so you can say goodbye to fatigue

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