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5 reasons why four poster beds are a must have for your master bedroom

White beds from urban ladder Today’s life is full of deadlines, stress and daily hustle, the only time you actually rest is when you come back home from work. The bedroom is a personal space that everyone wants to be comfortable and soothing. The bed plays the most important part in this whole scenario. There are many kinds of beds available. A classic and luxurious yet not used much at the present is the four poster bed.

What are four poster beds?

four poster bed
Credit: Bonnie C. Marquette

Well, if you are new to the name, the description will definitely help you join the dots. Four poster beds are designed in such a way that there are four long posts at each of the four corners giving it a different look from that of regular beds. These posts can be used to cover around the bed with drapes and serves both the aesthetic and functional needs. Still confused about its utility?

Here are 5 reasons why the four poster beds are a must have:

  1. Equal lighting: The four long posts can be used to hang curtains around the bed. Drop the curtains whenever day light is creeping in and you want some extra sleep. It can be really hard for some people to tolerate the force of light coming from the windows or doors early in the morning, so use the curtains to save yourself.
  2. Privacy: A bedroom is meant to be private space, but sometimes family members do not think twice before walking in without knocking, it can get uncomfortable for some people. Four pester beds ensure that your privacy is maintained as the curtains draped around the poles hides you well.
  3. A natural body warmer: Instead of using cotton or other light materials as curtains, try to use thick materials like velvet during winters. This will help you to trap your body heat, keeping it warm inside. Nothing can be more comfortable than a warm room during a chilly winter night. Try doing this; it saves you electricity as well.
  4. Protector: The four poster bed protects you not only from nosy family members, but also different insects and the most irritating one, the mosquito. One can drape around a mosquito neck along the poles to stop mosquitoes from entering. This way you will be saved and can enjoy a good sleep without the constant buzzing of mosquitoes around your ears.
  5. Aesthetic: These beds are usually seen as preferable in hotels or guest houses which are really posh, but one can get them as easily as one gets White beds from urban ladder , just search them up online and give your room a new look. Twin beds are also available, which look really cute.

Four pester beds can definitely be a good investment. They are strong and durable. One can colour the posts in different shades and create a contrast with the whole room. They are traditional, yet really stable and durable beds. Get one for your master bedroom and see for yourself!

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