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5 reasons to opt for Sunny Isles Beach real estate

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If you do believe that sunny weather almost all year round and breathtaking oceanfront views are not convincing reasons to pay heed to Sunny Isles Beach, then we have more pragmatic arguments to encourage prospective investors.

Sunny Isles Beach Is Safe to Live In

Unfortunately, in our turbulent times, safety matters more than ever before. According to Niche, the lovely suburb ranks among the top-10 safest places to live in the Miami area. With the national average of 6.1 murders per 100,000 citizens, the city amazes with its zero homicide rate. The main criminal activity locals can suffer from is theft, which is also twice lower than across the country. If compared with Pinecrest, which is the leader of the ranking, Sunny Isles Beach has even fewer cases of robbery, theft, and burglary.

Sunny Isles Beach Is Not Overcrowded

Once again, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown that metropolises stuffed with both tourists and locals are vulnerable. Having a population of about 22,000, the city is a safe haven for those who would like to combine walking-distance amenities, a friendly coastal community, and a bit of urban feel. Surely, Sunny Isles Beach has its portion of tourists (as any decent seaside place with miles of amazing beaches), but it’s not that bad as across South Beach, Daytona, or Brevard area with their millions of annual visitors.

Sunny Isles Beach Offers Versatile Real Estate

Well, you wouldn’t expect giveaway prices in one of the best-for-living places of Miami-Dade County, would you? So, it’s not cheap to buy or rent property here, but everything in the world is relative. While a median home value in Pinecrest, Coral Gables, or Key Biscayne is at least twice higher, Sunny Isles Beach seems to be quite a good bargain with its average sale price per square foot starting from about $200. When exploring the real estate range, you can spot plenty of investment opportunities depending on what you prefer – single-family houses or high-rise apartments like it’s shown at site. Naturally, new luxurious condos may cost millions, but there are also older buildings of the 80s and smaller bayfront homes for everyone to find something for the budget.

Sunny Isles Beach Is Notable for Its Diverse Community

Speaking of friendly communities, we cannot miss the fact that the city is a nice mix of nations, each of them adding a unique touch to the overall atmosphere. Spanish, Russian, Italian, and other cultures blend with vibes of a touristic place. Besides, Sunny Isles Beach has almost an equal distribution of retirees, middle-aged people, and young professionals among locals, while the average age of its residents makes up 44 years. Mind that the residents believe it to be a great family-oriented city, particularly thanks to the availably of a high-rated K-8 center.

Sunny Isles Beach Is Rich in Amenities

Have we mentioned that this cozy city is beautifully organized to offer everything you need for your preferred lifestyle? It really doesn’t matter in what part of the city you might live since restaurants, local stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, coffee shops, bars, beaches, and parks are all at your fingertips.