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5 reasons to archive your social media accounts

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With rapidly-changing policies and increased security risks, the longevity of social media accounts now perpetually hangs in the balance. This is especially critical for verified, corporate, or brand accounts, which need to preserve their web presence in the case of an unknown event.

If you or your company face the same predicament about your online properties, you must look into archiving your social media accounts. While this real-time record-keeping doesn’t create any hurdles, it provides multiple benefits in the long run.

To help you understand these advantages, here are five reasons why you should archive social media accounts without any delay.

1. It helps you stay on top of communication records

Archiving your organization’s communication records is one of the most basic yet critical ways to mitigate risk and ensure customer safety. Since social media has become a necessary communication tool, this rule also applies to your online accounts.

By real-time archiving of your social media accounts, you can ensure to remain in the loop about all the inbound and outbound messaging that takes place through your properties. This ensures that you can quickly refer back to these records in case of internal or external investigations that arise due to any reason.

2. It creates an undoctored log of your brand’s online activity

No matter how trustworthy your social media interns or managers can get, there can always be slip-ups in their conduct. Consistently archiving your social media accounts ensures that you can get an undoctored log of their activity, which lets you monitor your brand’s online actions frequently.

This also ensures that even if any personnel deletes or edits any content from the web, it can remain safe in your archives in their originality. This plays a significant role in maintaining the quality of communication and service delivered through your accounts.

3. It protects your intellectual property

Many personal and professional brands now consistently create original content through social media accounts. But if these accounts get hacked, suspended, or inaccessible, the intellectual property (IP) can be jeopardized.

Archiving your social media accounts ensures that you can save yourself from this fate and protect your IP. Even if you lose access to your content through the web, your archives can help you use it for future reference or even repeated usage in other media. As a result, you don’t lose the time and funds you invested in creating your online posts.

4. It ensures easier compliance with related litigation processes

There could be instances where your social media accounts or their internal messaging is the subject of litigation. These legal proceedings could arise from other employees, existing customers, or even your general audience. If you don’t have your social media records handy with you, accessing your records at short notice can create a lot of unnecessary problems.

On the other hand, archived social media accounts let you access this information immediately. This ensures that you can go through the details without any hassle or delay. It also helps you create a more robust case due to having both sides of the argument at your disposal.

5. It lets you consistently optimize your brand

As you grow your online presence, accessing your social media messages and posts through different online accounts can get increasingly difficult. This is especially true for brainstorming sessions and brand optimization meetings.

On the other hand, your social media accounts’ real-time archiving lets you access all of your new and old content more easily. This ensures that you can plan your optimization strategies and make consistent comparisons without having to hop through an abundance of screens.

All of these efforts make sure that you never miss any updates to your accounts, even if they change on the front-end. This helps you maintain a rock-solid web presence that is also able to stand firm against possible scrutiny.

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