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5 outdoor living trends to look forward to in 2021-2022

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2021 has introduced us to a new modern lifestyle that we were not seeing coming in the wildest of our dreams. With social distance being the new norm, people over the world are finding ways to recreate their outdoor spaces to cater to their everyday needs such as work, rejuvenation, and quality family time. Be it a patio or a deck, every exterior space is transformed into an enhanced functioning area rather than just being a barbeque place or a weekend party place for families/ friends. What’s new is that people are seeking comfort in this arrangement and have plans to up this game.

So, what outdoor trends would set the pace for 2021-2022? Here’s everything you must know:

  • Garden furniture: Garden furniture is more accommodating and versatile as compared to the regular sofa sets and dining tables. For instance, Modular tables are making an appearance again because of their unique features that make social distancing possible between peers and others. You can discover an extensive range of garden furniture for every occasion at They have a premium quality assortment of furniture that is made available at surprisingly jaw-dropping rates. Check out their website for more.
  • Outdoor cooking stations: Recent research suggests that as many as 60% of the homemakers have plans to shift their kitchen outdoors. Such kitchens may take several forms from a satellite kitchen with grills and pizza stations to an independent kitchen with storage and a refrigerator. The choice of an outdoor kitchen depends upon several factors such as space and your budget requirements.
  • Garden workplaces: The concept of an outdoor office is garnering attention among many people who are forced to work from home in these unprecedented times. The idea is simply to have a place that is comforting and refreshing. Also, a garden office gives us the joy of working in open spaces that are a nice change from the four-walled offices we have always known. It is expected that in the forthcoming year, more homemakers will bring their workstations to their well-manicured gardens.
  • Outdoor living rooms: Outdoor living is gaining momentum in Covid times. You are no longer confined to the walls of your home. You can now step out and unwind in the middle of a tranquil setting. Seems like a brilliant idea, isn’t it? It is recommended that you make the exterior spaces an extended part of the indoor spaces rather than mixing the two. Opt for low seating so that you can enjoy the full garden view from your sitting area. To set the mood cheerful, you can put bright-colored cushions. The living space must reflect a piece of your personality. Thus, don’t hesitate to create it the way you like.
  • Technology integration: People want to spend their waking hours outdoors, to feel a sense of proximity to the world around them. To achieve this, they are expanding the technology outdoors. Additional Wi-fi boosters are being installed for streaming movies without any hassle post their work hours. Besides this, LED technology is the latest addition to outdoor spaces. It is amazing how a simple color-changing technique can elevate not just your moods but also your spaces.

Other than the above, heat lamps, misting systems, and fire pits are essential products that allow people to make the most of their outdoor season.

So, which outdoor trend are you going with in 2021? Is it the garden office spaces or bringing the kitchen under the sky or both?

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