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5 must have gifts for your spouse

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One of the most difficult parts of marriage, aside from the shared habitation, budgeting, etc, is choosing the perfect gift. The last thing anyone wants is to be reminded of the time you bought that cactus for your third anniversary that died before your fourth. This guide will help you out with five gifts almost anyone would love to have.

1. iRobot Roomba i7+

Think about the comic strips from your childhood. The stereotypical worst gift a man could get his wife was a vacuum cleaner. The reasons for this are obvious. A vacuum cleaner is a tool to complete a job, and giving one for a special occasion implies the person’s value is in their ability to complete tasks.

A robot vacuum does the exact opposite. It takes a mundane task that virtually no one enjoys, and eliminates it from the daily chores. Robot vacs will clean carpet and hard surfaces, meaning in addition to not needing to vacuum, you also don’t need to sweep. This is a gift that tells your spouse you would rather spend the time with them that was spent cleaning. And a bonus with the i7+? It self empties, so you don’t have to empty the vacuum for months.

2. Lodge cast iron

One thing 2020 taught us is that cooking is not a lost art. People who hadn’t cooked a meal in years realized that cooking for themselves could be therapeutic. With restaurant service still sporadic in many places, people have taken to cooking elaborate meals at home.

If you were to poll professional and home cooks about the must have item in every kitchen, after a good set of knives, cast iron would likely be next on the list. It has a high thermal mass, so it can sear and crisp like nothing else. Cast iron will last forever with reasonable care. Many home cooks are still using cast iron pans that have been in their family for generations, so you are not just giving a gift for now, you are potentially giving a family heirloom.

3. Couple’s outing

If you were to ask your spouse what they want most from you (other than to clean the bathroom), they would likely tell you they want your time. You probably are with your spouse because you enjoy their company.

The majority of folks are in two income households, where both partners work. Even when only one party works, by the time you get home and complete the day to day tasks of living, your time together can get overwhelmed with all of the other things you have to worry about every day.

The best way to overcome this is to get away from everything together. This may look different, depending on your budget. For some people, this might be a weekend or a weeklong trip. For others it might be an afternoon hike, or an overnight to a favorite campsite. The beauty of this gift is that you can customize based on your relationship, and the things your spouse loves.

4.Subscription box

Another bonus of the internet era is the advent of the subscription box. These boxes are available for pretty much anything your spouse is interested in, and you get something every month, rather than just once. To quote a famous Holiday movie, it “truly is the gift that keeps on giving” These are not the 1980s “jelly of the month club” style subscriptions. There are makeup subscriptions, fishing lures, and general geek merchandise.

5. Ethical fashion

Clothing is often a difficult gift. You have to know your spouse’s style and size. You need to figure out something that they are unlikely to purchase for themselves. Most spouses either give up, or settle for t-shirts and bathrobes.

One option is accessories like shoes and handbags. Companies like Adidas, Stella MCartney, and Lululemon have begun making ethical accessories out of mushroom leather. This material mimics the look and feel of leather, while remaining completely vegan and much better for the environment than traditional leather substitutes.

In summary, any gift on this list will be guaranteed to make your spouse smile.

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