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5 most common blunders that even the good doctors make

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Doctors are great professionals of our world in terms of their competence and how their profession exudes nobility and selflessness. However, over the past few decades, we have become over-reliant on the doctors and modern medicine, which have made some of them billionaires. As a result, we had almost run past the time when our ancestors used to treat their minor maladies and injuries by natural remedies.

As a result, most of us often conclude that doctors must not be questioned because they know their stuff well. There is no doubt that most of the doctors are competent, but this understanding needs to prevail that they are human as well, and are bound to make mistakes. Therefore, we have discussed here five most common blunders that even good doctors end up making so that you can prevent them from happening to you.

  1. Making the wrong diagnosis:

A wrong diagnosis is quite understandable for a complicated disease because it exhibits conflicting symptoms that may confuse the practitioner. But, it has become common for doctors to misdiagnose even the most common medical conditions like pneumonia, cardiac failure, and cancer.

It has been reported that around 25 percent of the medical conditions are wrongly diagnosed initially. Therefore, you must talk to your practitioner and ask him the right questions so that he can diagnose your disease more cautiously.

  1. Giving the wrong medication:

It is another incredibly standard error committed by doctors as they end up prescribing the wrong combination of medicines that react together and lead to life-threatening consequences in extreme cases. Moreover, when they get the medicine right, some of the doctors tend to prescribe them in the wrong dosage, which does more harm than good.

Therefore, it will be a good idea to take your prescription to a pharmacist to validate the efficacy and accuracy of the prescribed drugs. Be aware that there are not only documented side effects of prescription drugs. Therefore, if you happen to experience any condition that is not listed in the side effects, immediately stop taking the medication and engage a competent lawyer like belviq attorney to file a bad drug lawsuit.

  1. Patient mix-ups:

Patient mix-ups may sound ludicrous, but it happens more often than expected, especially when there are two patients of the same name, sex, and age group. There have been reports from various hospitals that ended up operating on the wrong patients due to these mix-ups. Moreover, there have also been incidents of blood mix-ups of such patients, which resulted in life-threatening conditions.

  1. Leaving surgical instruments and other goods inside:

It will sound ludicrous again, but there have been ample incidents of patients suing the hospitals and the surgeons for leaving behind various surgical instruments like scissors, scalpels, and forceps inside their bodies. Such instances of sheer recklessness have led to life-threatening conditions where these instruments nicked the critical organs of the patient’s body, and it was too late to save the patient.

  1. Operating on the wrong body part:

If you are lucky enough that doctors and the hospital administration have not mixed you up with any other patient, do not relax because they can still damage you. There have been incidents reported by various hospitals where surgeons ended up operating on the wrong body parts of the patients and got sued as a result. Therefore, whenever you are due for surgery, ask your surgeon to mark the body part that needs surgery so that there are no mix-ups.

Now that you know about the various blunders committed by doctors be on the lookout to prevent any of these blunders happening to you or your loved ones.

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