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5 mesmerizing facts about Canada’s geography

Lake Louise in Banff National Park, Canada
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The land of mountains, filled with mesmerizing greenery, covered with snow cover, enriched with bustling cities, none else but the Great White North or famously known as Canada. It’s marked as the second biggest country globally, occupying an area of about 10 million km2. It’s a land of amazing sceneries with all seasonal variations under one title. This attracts hundreds and thousands of people to Canada to visit here. The captivating scenery of Canada makes this place their new home. A significant amount just prepares for the Canada citizenship test and becomes its permanent residents. Amazed, right?

In the next few minutes, you will know some mind-blowing facts about the geography of Canada that will make you fall in love with it.

Biggest source of freshwater

Millions of rivers and lakes are closed in the awe-inspiring beauty of Canada. When the whole world is worried about its water reserves, Canada is the richest of all. Canada is blessed with more than 500 lakes having a size of more than 100 km2. The Estuary and the Gulf of St. Lawrence is one of the largest and deepest Estuaries of the world, collecting water from multiple large and small water reserves.

Nunavut Territory: Larger than most countries in the world

You might have heard of larger territories ranging from a hundred to a few thousand-kilometer squares. But hold your breaths, Canada has a territory whose area is more than 180 countries in the world. Yes, you read it right; Nunavut territory covers a one-fifth area of Canada, totaling 2.093 million km2.

Another interesting fact about this territory is that a major chunk of it is covered with heavy snow. Due to severe weather, only 38000 people live in this area of the world.

Multiple cities have population greater than 1 million

One of the shocking facts about Canada is that, on average, it holds only 4 people in every square kilometer. With such low population density, Canada still has six cities whose population exceeds 1 million. Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary are the areas holding these numbers. Ontario— the province of Canada— alone has a 14.57 million population, which is larger than many other country’s overall populations.

Longest coastline in the world

Canada is the house of hundreds and thousands of Islands. A rough estimate quotes that there are 52,455 Islands in Canada. The Great White North’s coastline is so big that traveling 10 km per day will take 66 years to cover this distance. In figures, Canada’s shores are about 243,000 km which marks it as longest in the world. Floods are usually common in such areas, but now we can minimize the damage caused by storms and floods.

The Dead Sea of the West

The Dead Sea is famously regarded as one of the famous recognitions of the Middle East. Canada has its dead sea located in Saskatchewan in a lake named Little Manitou Lake. It has high salt content and density much greater than freshwater, making it almost impossible to swim or sink in this lake— care should be taken.

Now, you have got some fantastic geographical facts about Canada, are you planning to visit it soon?

Story by David Cooper