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5 important social media tips to maximize brand reach in 2020

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As the saying goes “the devil is in the details,” and so it stands with social media – knowing the tricks of the trade will help the brand maximize your reach when maneuvering through the social media labyrinth. Social media is fast changing with new features being added everyday and platforms having developed at a lighting speed since Facebook first launched in 2004. Below, I will share with you five important social media tips to maximize your brand reach in 2020.

  1. Set Up Various Social Profiles

One of the key ways to succeed on social media is to set up various profiles on each platforms – why not? This means more real estate to market your brand! Open-up a LinkedIn page, open up a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, an Instagram profile, etc. Wherever you think a portion of your target demographic spends their time online that is where you should have a thoughtfully set-up page. Make sure to fill out all the entire profile so that your customers get to know more about your products or services. You may want to think about hiring a social media marketing agency or at least a professional to outline the social media strategy for you first. There is no bigger hiccup than letting an intern handle all of it – including strategy, management and execution! Also, make it easy for them to contact you and click through to your website or particular pages with the products or services you are promoting that time of the year.

  1. Adjust the Messaging for Each Platform

Each social platform has a different tone and some have entirely different target groups. For example, LinkedIn is geared towards a more professional group while Instagram is more for socializing. Also, TikTok is more for the younger crowds like Gen Z while Facebook is more for the older generations like Baby Boomers. So, when posting be platform appropriate!

  1. Define Your Core Messaging

Having a message that speaks on an emotional level to your target group is extremely important – it’s about moving the customer not only to purchase but to remain loyal. Think about what your brand stands for – are you eco conscious, are you cruelty-free, do you focus on ethnically sourced ingredients, etc.? Make sure to communicate this to your customer in a way that makes your product stand out. Here is a great example of a beauty brand that has communicated to their customer about the value of being cruelty free – they do not test on animals and is certified by PETA!

  1. Put in Place Monitoring Tools – Customize Links

One of the most common pitfalls when trying to understand your brand reach is on social media is not having the adequate tools in place to measure the stats. For example, Instagram has wonderful analytic tools – they define not only which country the audience comes from but from which city and at what time the audience is most engaged. Furthermore, find a platform that is able to generate customized links so that you can track form which site most of the traffic is coming from. It can be a shortened version of the link that you give to another social account who is partnering with you to promote your products.

  1. Follow Your Own #Hashtags and Industry #Hashtags

Make sure to be signed-up to follow your own brand #hashtags. Some platforms, like Instagram, allow you to follow your own brand hasthags or your industry’s hashtags, e.g., #luxuryfashion or #fitness. This enables you to stay up to date on any conversations pertaining to your brand or trends within your industry. Again, if all of this may sound overwhelming to you, at least at first, hire a digital marketing agency or at least a part-time professional to set up a strategy that works for your brand. Then if you are in a budget crunch, have a junior person execute on the strategy. Don’t be afraid to dive in, and remember just like with everything – each thousand-mile journey, including building your social media reach, starts with a single step!

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