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5 helpful tips for first time private jet passengers

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Looking forward to your very first private jet flight?

Or you’re still quite uneasy, not knowing what to expect?

Either way, we’re glad that you’ve decided to board the flight. Here are a few pointers that first time private jet passengers should bear in mind. We’re sure these tips will make you feel more comfortable with the new travel experience.

1. Know your aircraft requirement

Unlike commercial airlines, private jet operators operate with a fleet of different sized aircrafts. You should select the aircraft for your travel based on the number of passengers, your budget and route. Here’s a quick guide to the broad categories of private jet aircrafts:

  • Light and midsize jets – These smaller aircrafts offer seating capacity for 4-8 passengers. These aircrafts are ideal for short trips (2-3 hours) with a small group. Usually these aircrafts have a lavatory on board and can accommodate passenger luggage.
  • Large cabin jets – These aircrafts, somewhat bigger than the light jets, can carry up to 13 passengers onboard. They are suitable for a 5-6 hours journey.
  • Ultra long range jets and private airliners – If you need an aircraft for corporate or business travel, then you can consider the ultra long range jet. These aircrafts come with superior facilities like sleeping beds, larger lavatories and multi-zone cabins.

2. Book through a reputable agent or broker

There are several companies offering private jet charter. When you set out to book a private jet, you might even realize there are too many variations and offers in the market. Narrowing down the options can prove to be a daunting task, especially for first time fliers.

If you’re finding it difficult to make a choice, you can seek services of an experienced and reputable booking agent. Private jet charter agencies work with accredited operators and can ensure that your requirements are duly addressed.

3. Understand the pricing policies

We hope you’re aware that the private jet companies don’t charge per person per trip basis. They’ll basically quote you a price for hiring the entire aircraft along with the flight crew for the duration of your travel. And the price is of course, irrespective of the number of persons traveling.

Usually the charges are hourly, which includes the hire charges for the aircraft, crew, fuel and other overheads. There’ll be landing and take-off charges too as levied by the airport, and all applicable taxes. In addition to this, you may also be charged for flight repositioning.

4. Consider pilot experience and jet safety

Even though private jet flights are pitched as highly customer oriented, fliers should never take their personal safety for granted. Reputable operators only allow pilots with an experience of around 1500 flight hours. Before booking your private jet, make sure you’ve assessed the credentials and experience of the pilot.

Likewise you should consider the safety standards for the aircraft. Whether you’re booking directly, or through an agent, you should always obtain a formal word of assurance regarding the safety compliance of the aircraft and its crew.

5. Private flight experience at the airport and on-board

Private flying experience is not the same as commercial airlines. And the difference is evident right at the airport. Taking a private jet will give you the advantage of a more convenient and quicker boarding experience.

Although you’ll go through the security check and immigration procedures, you’ll be able to avoid all crowds and queues.

Based on the type (or size) of aircraft you’ve chosen, you’ll be offered a range of options for on-board catering and entertainment. There’s ample flexibility for your on-board experience to be personalized and optimized as per your requirements.

Story by Gary Horner

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