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5 handy tips to effectively increase our IQ

IQ stands for intelligence quotient that basically is the sum of scores derived from various tests and puzzles that are designed to know about human intelligence. IQ of a human being determines his abilities and the strength of his brain. There are a number of ways that might help you to increase your IQ. Mentioned below are some of the tips that may come handy.

Become a renaissance man or woman

One of the best techniques that should be used to increase your IQ level is to become a student of life. Don’t just focus on the data and information that might help you to earn wealth, health and happiness. However, dig inside the subjects such as history, science, psychology, arts, languages, math etc. This will assist you in knowing better about the world and its various systems.

Spend some time reading valuable books as this will deepen your thought process and also your character. Get on with numbers and try to master the art of doing mathematics. According to a survey, almost all the millionaires are commendable with numbers. Therefore, try to learn mathematics and also other languages. A motivational mindset and techniques are just a few factors that help a person actually succeed in life.

Play brain games

Brain games help develop a person’s intelligence quotient. A number of such games are available online that will not only entertain you but also assist your brain to develop. This will lay out some of the drastic changes in your mind and IQ.

According to some studies, playing IQ games might be really beneficial for your brain health. To check this out, you can calculate what is your IQ percentile by the use of various tools available on the internet.

Do regular high cardio exercise

Regular visits to the gym can not only tone up your muscles but also your brain. The release of endorphin hormones can accelerate the overdrive into your mind. This will ultimately lead to faster brain functioning and thought process.

Therefore, an hour-long cardio exercise might release enough endorphin hormone that is required to increase your IQ. So, get in your gym attire and increase your intelligence.

Learn an instrument

Music is not just food for the soul but also a catalyst for intelligence. Taking lessons to learn a new musical instrument will release your brain with all the stress and depression. It is equivalent of giving your mind a full body cardio workout.

Thus, playing an instrument relaxes your brain, and it has a long-lasting impact on your mathematical skills and spatial reasoning. This is how learning a new instrument might also make you even more intelligent.

Buy books based on IQ and play all the games

A number of books are available on IQ if you hit the bookstores. Studies show that your intelligence has nothing to do with your genetic traits and you can increase it anytime by regular practices.

Reading books should be considered as one of the best ways of doing so. So, grab an IQ based book and try to do away with some riddles, puzzles and mind-boggling games.