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5 essential benefits of blogging for your small business

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Do you have a small business and don’t see the usefulness of blogging? Maybe you don’t feel like you have a blogger’s soul, think blogging is a thing of the past, or you just don’t have time to take care of it?

Let me show you that blogging is essential today for any brand and especially if it’s a start-up. Wordpens is one of best sites where one can get best content marketing services. Here are the top benefits of blogging for your small business.

Reasons to start a business blog

I’ll give you some great reasons to start a Business Blog, and why a Blog is still essential this year, as well as some tips to make it the backbone of your traffic generation. A few years ago, it was a must to keep a Business Blog. First, there is no longer just one way to be successful on the Web; a Business Blog is one of the possibilities. A consultant can very well find his clients only via LinkedIn thanks to networking and the publication of dedicated content on his profession and his skills. A community brand (e.g., for pregnant women, for young people, etc.) can unite a community on Instagram. An e Commercial or a company which already has a product can rely exclusively on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads to attract hot prospects. However, the fact remains that Blogging remains an essential Marketing tool for making yourself known on the internet, for simply communicating with your customers, for disseminating information to your partners and employees.

  1. In particular, as soon as your prospects are looking for information on the internet before buying, a blog is essential, because it is during the buying journey that you will be present. Only a blog with good content has chances to have more traffic.
  2. In B2B, the Corporate Blog with quality content is even more important, because a buyer will often have a long decision cycle (several months), with a long phase of maturation, then a selection of suppliers for his final choice.
  3. However, if you are not visible to your user via Google, you will never be selected in the “shortlist” of companies he will retain. A blog is also at the centre of a content marketing and visibility strategy on social media: More about this source text required for additional translation information.
  4. The blog makes it possible to centralize the visibility of the company on the Web, as well as to retrieve the contact details of Internet users, and thus convert visitors into prospects, then into customers (via landing pages, forms, etc.).
  5. Improve the visibility of your site on Google by posting articles on the topic of the company, and consequently receive links from other sites which relay your posts. Using blog on can also promote their products.

Humanize your company to give a brand image of expertise, give capital of sympathy, inform about your technological innovations are few of other benefits of doing blogging.

Disseminate non-commercial information about your products (tips and tricks, feedback, etc.) that would not have space in your traditional communication tools.

Establish a dialogue with your customers and thus communicate directly with them on your products, their problems and their suggestions.

Be the center of your communication strategy on social networks (your “base camp”) by centralizing the information you push (articles, surveys, contests, white papers, videos). Indeed on social networks as on the Web, it is necessary to be a producer of content, and not to be passive or to be asking.

Create a generator of prospects attracted by your articles on a given theme, or who will recognize your expertise through your tutorials, your customer testimonials, with the possibility of converting visitors to your website into prospects and then into customers. But when you create a blog, make sure that you only use quality and unique content.

Story by Sudip Mazumdar

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