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5 emerging tech companies, and how to get a job there

Emerging tech companies

You don’t want to work in a big company that has too many rules and a fixed schedule, do you? Then this article is for you. Emerging tech companies are the ideal place for an IT enthusiast to put himself or herself on the road to success. A small company or a start-up is going to give you the feeling that you work in a safe and warm environment. Also, your co-workers will be more like your friends instead of strangers with whom you share the office.

However, don’t just assume that emerging companies have low standards. Since all of them are growing more and more each year, they expect a lot from their candidates. So, do your homework and update your resume before you apply for any of these job openings.

1. Symphony

This company is growing lightning fast, so you might want to apply there before it turns into a big corporation. If you are passionate about cloud services and place a high value on quality, then a job at Symphony is ideal for you. They offer cloud-based tech which allows their clients to exchange information and share premium content online.

At the moment, they have job openings in the US (California and New York) and abroad (London and Stockholm). Most of those positions require previous work experience as a tech engineer. Before you email your resume, make sure to check possible interview questions for this position on There you will find well-researched posts about both the technical and non-technical interview questions that you should expect when applying for an IT job.

2. Nestio

This is one of the best start-ups for brokerage firms in New York. A lot of top management companies work with Nestio because they offer an amazing software. The venture-backed startup specializes in software that enables brokers, agents, and landlords to manage their records and communicate in a common place.

They have a few job openings in New York City and all of them are for tech or software engineers. They are looking for people with experience in the field, so you will have to prove that you have the necessary skills to be a part of this fast-growing company.

3. When I Work

Hundreds of businesses and their employees use the simple employee scheduling apps for mobile from When I Work. These apps allow the start-up’s clients to track their workers’ working hours, to communicate with their employees, and to schedule their whole month. The apps come with a user-friendly interface that is going to surprise you. In the U.S., the apps are increasingly popular.

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have any job openings at the moment. However, you can wait until they do. Until then, keep building knowledge and experience. This way, you will be prepared to work on these stunning apps and help people schedule their work easily.

4. OptionsCity

OptionsCity started out as a way of changing the way financial technology was used eight years ago. However, now, the company can’t stop getting awards after awards. The startup has received some of the most prestigious awards a business of its size can get. OptionsCity is a great company for those interested in learning more about financial technology while working on building better software.

Unfortunately, OptionsCity doesn’t have any job openings for now. But since they are known for expanding in one month like others do in a year, you shouldn’t be surprised if you see a job opening at OptionsCity soon in your hometown. Yet, before that happens, prepare ahead because this company is hiring only people with particular tech skills.

5. Canvas

If you are looking for a company that focuses on cloud technology while it is also developing rapidly, then Canvas is the one for you. This startup offers cloud-based software services for different business. One of the best things about them is that they also offer a customized mobile app to their customers. This way, any business owner is able to check everything is running smoothly from his or her smartphone.

Customers can integrate, share, and collect information directly on their phones. You should know that Canvas has customers in more than 60 countries and they are not stopping there. At the moment, Canvas is looking for engineers that can help them improve the app. Apply to this company if you want to be a part of a fast-growing cloud-based business.


Finding the right company is a critical step when you are job hunting. Instead of sending your CV to 100 companies, you should focus on landing a job at a firm that actually appeals to you and your needs. Smaller companies that have job openings in the IT sector usually find the right candidates very fast. So, if you have found the right company for you, waste no time and give them your CV.