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5 efficient ways on making your lawn look the best in your neighborhood

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Seeing one’s lawn so green, nourished, and neat makes the home’s facade a head-turner from the visitors or even the people who just pass by. With the vibrant vibe it gives, they’ll surely be captivated by the lawn’s charming scenery. A person can ask, “What’s the secret behind that lawn’s beauty?”

Every homeowner wants to achieve this wonderful lawn image, but that won’t be an easy get-go. Here are the five efficient ways to make your lawn look the best in your neighborhood to guide you on that journey.

Mow the Grass Properly

Before mowing anything on your lawn, you must know what type of grass you’ve planted first. This is due to the varying ideal height for different grass types. Cutting one in an undesirable height, especially when too low, will affect the grass’s growth in the long run. This mowing guide will make sure that you’ll have the best lawn in the neighborhood.

In general, it’s recommended to cut the grass without exceeding one-third of its height to relieve the plants’ stress from mowing. Plants get stressed, too. Also, keep the grass a little taller in summer to battle the drought on the lawn.

Weather and seasons might help you schedule your mowing session since the grass’s growth rate depends on what the weather condition is. Plants grow faster on rainy days and cooler temperatures than dry seasons.

Decent Watering is a Must

Good soil is nothing when good watering is lacking. Poor water maintenance can cause your lawn to have a dry, brown or gray, and unhealthy appearance. It can also lead to grass’s inability to pop up again after stepping. Remember that water is vital to the flora.

How frequent you water your lawn usually depends on the weather and the type of plants and grass planted on your lawn. But on a natural basis, you can start watering in the morning before the sun rises. Doing this in the evening might result in overwatering, disabling the excess water to evaporate properly.

It’s not necessary to water it daily, too. Too much water can lead to suffocation and your lawn won’t have that healthy glow. Consider the amount and frequency when watering your lawn to prevent such incidents from happening.

Watering can be done manually or with the help of automated tools, especially during the dry season. Installing an irrigation system might be a convenient option and gives numerous benefits. You can set up the timer for sprinklers to water your lawn at a particular time.

Put Some Fertilizer

Besides water, your lawn will need the right nutrients to grow well and sustain its beauty and stability. These nutrients are added to the lawn through fertilizers. Because the lawn absorbs them over time, you need to replace them every four to five weeks to attain the plants’ maximum growth.

Your lawn needs three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen provides the healthy and vibrant green color of the lawn. Phosphorus helps with water intake and maximizes root growth. Potassium fights the potential for a drought on your lawn.

Be cautious on how much fertilizer you will add. Always make sure to put the nutrients in the right amount to have the desired overall result. Excessive amounts will put your lawn into damage.

Observe Weed Control

Weeds contribute disturbance to the natural growth of the plants and grasses on your lawn. Adding fertilizers to the soil can avert the growth of these weeds. But if there are many of them already, take those out right away!

Smaller weeds can be taken by just mere uprooting. There are also machines available to do the job of getting rid of them for you. But if they grow in a full-blast and invasive manner, consider using herbicides with the proper means and knowledge.

Scarify and Aerate Your Lawn

Did you know that grassroots breathe, too? However, the soil on your lawn might be compacted enough to resist air on helping water on the roots to evaporate, reducing their potential to grow on the grasses’ extremes due to drowning. This is why scarifying and aerating the soil is essential to have a wholesome and nurtured lawn.

Scarifying rid off the dead matters and moss on the lawn by raking the soil. These materials block the air from getting into the grassroots. Meanwhile, aeration opens the soil for air and water to enter the grassroots using the garden fork. The greater the air supply can get through the roots, the healthier and more beautiful the grasses will be.


Maintaining your lawn to be pleasing is a challenging yet satisfying thing to do. Imagine every time you go outside your house or coming home from work; your beautiful lawn will always greet you. Reaching this milestone is not only a victory for other people’s compliment, but also for yourself. Get inspired and strive for the best lawn in your neighborhood now!

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