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5 effective social media sales tools

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Marketing, advertising and logistics are all important, but none of them matter if you don’t have sales. Social media has transformed the way the world shops. Why? Because people trust it. A well-managed social media presence can boost your revenue significantly. It’s the holiday shopping season and people are out there searching for gifts for wife and everyone else on their list. Get your business ready to tap into those shoppers. Read on to learn 5 effective social media tools for you to try.

1. Facebook Pixel

Like it or not, Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there with around 2.5 billion active monthly users. Facebook has a lot of useful free tools, one of which is Pixel. Pixel is a powerful add-on that focuses on tracking conversions. It provides you with feedback on the performance of your website’s conversion funnels and your ad return on investment (ROI). The base code needs to be installed on each page that you want to monitor. For example, a company like The Pearl Source would have to add it to its Reviews, Community, Posts, etc. so they can see which information caused a customer to take action. But once the program is set up, it does the rest of the work for you.

2. Facebook Messenger

Improving your Messenger interactions can really boost sales. Another simple but very smart step is to merge Facebook Messenger with your online store. By using chatbots, you can stay in continual contact with your customers. This will enable you to answer questions, respond to inquiries, provide detailed information, offer updates and reach out to new customers.

3. Instagram Shoppable Tags

Facebook isn’t the only game in town. Instagram now offers shoppable tags, streamlining the shopping experience and making it much easier to buy products via a post or story with a single tap. You don’t need to be a big account in order to use Instagram Shoppables. Simply create a shop feed inside your profile and create at least 9 posts with tagged products to create a window display. The service is already available in 46 countries and growing. Instagram also has plans to create an in-site payment system, allowing consumers to buy without ever leaving the site.

4. Pinterest Rich Pins

Maximize the effectiveness of your Pinterest pages by adding Rich Pins and Shop the Look Pins to your posts. They offer information about the products and allow your followers to purchase right off the platform. Installing Rich Pins is quick and easy and can really boost sales.

5. Shopify

If you’ve optimized your free social media tools and are still looking for more, you may want to consider hiring help. Shopify is more or less synonymous with e-tail. Hosting some 800K businesses, it is the third biggest e-commerce platform and controls about 10% of the marketshare. Shopify integrates easily with the rest of your social media sales tools. If Shopify isn’t right for your business, there are many more third-party marketing businesses out there to choose from. Have a look around; the internet is literally your oyster.